Цвет спелой вишни

Цвет спелой вишни

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Even yesterday, Katie (Evgeniya Nohrina) had no worries. And where they come from, if your mother - a senior official? And they with Ivan (Andrew Senkin) love each other and get married soon ... Things change overnight, when the mother was arrested on suspicion of corruption and selected apartment. Sister Kathy, Lisa, gives birth to a son Vlad and shifts all the worries about him on the shoulders of Katie. But Ivan is not happy someone else's child, they have to leave. Kate is alone with no money and with a baby in her arms. But soon life again gives hope for happiness. Kate meets with businessman Mikhail (Dmitriy Pchela). He genuinely loved Kate and the baby, and Kate is preparing to move in with him in London. But on the eve of departure for the girl returned to Ivan and offers a fresh start. Kate realizes that the feelings for Vanya did not pass. She decides not to go to London. But Kate soon begins to notice that John is too strict with her son. Soon on the threshold appears grandmother Katya (Oksana Lesnaya) Vlad, and demands to give her grandson.

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