The People's Court

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Даты выхода серий

Сезон 23...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
23x90Ditching an ex
23x89Being doggone sneaky
23x88Not getting along
23x87Bad business practices
23x86It's best not to buy a boat
23x85Unfriending a friend
23x84Refusing a love bribe
23x83Cruising for a lawsuit
23x82A family squabble
23x81Cutting corners
23x80Dissing a designer
23x79Attacking a guy
23x78Selling a wild animal
23x77You know, you owe
23x76Creeping around
23x75A sindling Casanova
23x74Not getting along with mother
23x73Causing a feud
23x72Being sticky fingered
23x71Hitting a sour note
23x70Being unclear
23x69Not caring for a house
23x68Ducking out on a repair
23x67Dissing a sister
23x66Keep your hands off me
23x65A bad bob
23x60You Burned My Scalp!
23x64Refusing responsibility
23x59My Beloved Dog Is Dead!
23x63Stay way from us
23x58Car Catastrophe
23x62Being doggone stubborn
23x57Puppy Problems
23x61Lousy Landlording
23x56You Kept My Deposit
23x55You Ruined My Perfect Reputation!
23x54My Neighbors Spy On Me!
23x53Unsatisfied Customer Confrontation
23x52Exes Phone Battle
23x51Neighbor Nightmare
23x50My Mother Is a Liar!
23x49Exes' Money Battle
23x48Father/Son Friction
23x47Dog Attack Anger
23x46Exes' Bitter Battle
23x45Hiding A Fugitive
23x44Father/Son Relationship Crisis
23x43You Smashed Into My Car Going 50 mph
23x42Raging Over a Repair
23x41Clashing With a Customer
23x40The Car You Sold Me Is A Deathtrap
23x39Give Me My Money!
23x38Hitting and Running
23x37Your Son Ruined My Daughter's Prom!
23x36My Ex Is a Loser!
23x35Snoopy Landlord
23x34You Lost My Expensive Glasses!
23x33My Tenant Threatened Me!
23x32A Head-On Collision
23x31You Stole My Dog
23x30Exes Square Off in Court
23x29You Ruined My Wedding!
23x28A Friendship Destroyed Over a Loan
23x27Bickering Brother and Sister
23x26Business Deal Gone Bad
23x25Neighborhood Anger
23x24Cheating Exes Battle
23x23You Took Advantage of Me!
23x22You Killed My Puppy!
23x21Auction Anger
23x20A Daughter Suing Her Parents
23x19Bitter Bride
23x18You Kicked In My Door!
23x17You Stole $5,000 From Me!
23x16Horsing Around
23x15Taking Advantage of a Grandma
23x14You Pocketed the Insurance Money and Didn't Fix My Car!
23x13Tenant Tantrum
23x12You Ruined My Car With This Horrible Paint Job!
23x11Ripped Off by Your Sister
23x10I Was Carjacked by Your Son!
23x9Exes' Vindictive Battle
23x8Bitter Bride
23x7Taking an Ex for All He's Worth
23x6My Family Heirlooms Were Destroyed!
23x5Shortchanging a Daughter
23x4Customer Crisis
23x3You Served Me a Rock in My Food!
23x2Exes Battle It Out
23x1You Destroyed My Reputation!
Сезон 22...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
22x150Taking off
22x149Blowing A Birthday
22x148A Premature Car Sale
22x147You Are A Faker
22x146Pooling Around
22x145Fouling Up A Funeral
22x144Losing It
22x142You cheated on me
22x141Cutting Things Close With A Neighbor
22x140Getting In It With A Neighbor
22x139This Is Rubbish
22x138FBI - I Don't Owe You A Penny
22x137A Doggy Dilemma
22x136I Spy With My Little Eye My Ex-Boyfriend
22x135Car Kick Crisis
22x134Yelling About Yoga
22x133Party Problems
22x132Bitter Jewelry Battle
22x131Room Rental Ruckus
22x130Hysterical Over a Horse
22x129Rent Riot
22x128Bumper Crash Crisis
22x127Car Deposit Refund Ruckus
22x126Party Fight Fiasco
22x125Your Dog Killed My Horse!
22x124Friend Loan Fireworks!
22x123Seamstress Situation
22x122Exes Battle It Out!
22x121Party Dress Problem
22x120Truck Rage
22x119Nightmare Neighbor
22x118Rocky Mother/Daughter Relationship
22x117Lover Loan Crisis
22x116Furious Over a Fence
22x115Car Accident Anger
22x114You Are Holding My Belongings Hostage!
22x113Tow Tussle
22x112Exes Square Off in Court
22x111Roof Rip-Off
22x110Tantrum Over Tires
22x109A Friendship Destroyed
22x108Not Getting Along With Your Neighbor
22x107Operating Room Ruckus
22x106Livid at My Landlord
22x105Conning a Cousin
22x104Riot With a Roommate
22x103Bitter Over Bubbly
22x102Customer Crisis
22x101Stealing From a Friend
22x100Business Battle
22x99You Owe Me for Watching Your Rowdy Kids!
22x98Exes' Trip Trouble
22x97Getting Into Trouble Over a Tow
22x96Your Food Almost Killed Me!
22x95My Landlord Is a Scammer!
22x94You Burned Down My House!
22x93Tenant Tussle
22x92Sisters Square Off in Court
22x91Accident Aggression
22x90Livid Over a Loan
22x89Bitter Neighbor Battle
22x88Dating Loan Lie
22x87Livid Over Social Media Lies
22x86Funeral Family Feud
22x85A Contractor Crisis
22x84Taking It Out on a Car
22x83Accident Anger
22x82Livid at a Lawyer
22x81Tenant Trauma
22x80Car Loan Catastrophe
22x79You Stole My Dog!
22x78Ranting Over a Roommate
22x77You Trashed My Car After You Towed It!
22x76Boat Battle
22x75Ripping Off an Ex
22x74Parked Car Crash Catastrophe
22x73Nightmare Neighbor
22x72Plane Ticket Tantrum
22x71Air Conditioner Crisis
22x70Brother-in-Law Battle
22x69Bitter Bride Over a Tattoo
22x68Raising a Ruckus Over a Roof
22x67Your Dog Ripped Off My Dog's Ear!
22x66A Hair-Raising Situation
22x65Tile Tantrum
22x64Shopping Cart Crisis
22x63Friendship Ruined Over a Loan
22x62Refusing a Refund
22x61Carwash Catastrophe
22x60Bed Bug Battle
22x59Freaking Out on an Ex
22x58Friendship Ruined Over a Loan
22x57Cracking Up Your Boyfriend's Car
22x56Scuba Diving Disaster
22x55My Sister's Boyfriend Is a Deadbeat!
22x54Cousin Loan Crisis
22x53Tussle Over a Tow
22x52Cleaners Catastrophe
22x51Exes Bitter Battle
22x50Dating Money Madness
22x49Exes Rent Ruckus
22x48Your Dog Killed My Dog!
22x47Funeral Fist Fight
22x46Tantrum Over a Truck Title
22x45Dog Bite Debacle
22x44Transmission Tantrum
22x43Funeral Feud
22x42Piano Playing Problems
22x41War Over Wages
22x40You Stole From My Dead Husband!
22x39Battle Over Belongings
22x38Furious Over False Accusations
22x37Crashing Into a Biker
22x36Shopping-Cart Catastrophe
22x35Your Dog Bit My Grandson in the Ear!
22x34Stealing From an Ex-Husband
22x33Puppy Snatching!
22x32Transmission Tantrum
22x31You Vandalized My Boat!
22x30Private Eye Problems
22x29Music Mayhem
22x28Livid at My Landlord
22x27Bitter Bride
22x26Storage Wars
22x25Friend Loan Fireworks
22x24Tantrum Over a Television
22x23Exes' Bank Account Battle
22x22Rental Ruckus
22x21Bitter Over a Broken Table
22x20Parking Damage Dispute
22x19Vegas Winning War!
22x18Scammed by a Real Estate Agent
22x17War Over Wages
22x16You Stole My Car!
22x15Exes Battle It Out in Court
22x14Return Policy Problems
22x13Friendship Ruined Over an Accident
22x12Website War
22x11Teeth Trouble
22x10Accident Anger
22x9Friends Feuding in Court
22x8Nasty Neighbor
22x7Fiance Fireworks
22x6Nail Salon Scam
22x5Friends Battle Over Funds
22x4Brotherly Brawl
22x3Stealing from the Deceased
22x2Neighbor Driveway Drama
22x1Mold Mayhem
Сезон 21...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
21x150Massive Megatron Lawsuit
21x149Your Dog Attacked My Cat and Now He Lost Two Toes!
21x148Moving Mayhem
21x147Salary Situation
21x146You Towed My Car and Held It for Ransom!
21x145Cousin Catastrophe
21x144Sexual Harassment Hassle
21x143Brothers Square Off in Court
21x142Livid at the Landlord
21x141House Sale Scam
21x140Punching Out a Car
21x139Dog Attack Anger
21x138Wig War
21x137Exes Battle Over Furniture
21x136Traffic Ticket Trouble
21x135Causing a Family Feud
21x134Neighbors Clash
21x133Diamond Earring Disaster
21x132Check-Cashing Catastrophe
21x131Steaming Mad Over a Sideswipe
21x130Exes' Tax Return Trouble
21x129Worthless warranty war
21x128You put bleach in my shampoo bottle and ruined my hair!
21x127Puppy promise problems
21x126Credit card crisis
21x125Exes' Loan Battle
21x124Car loan crisis
21x123Security deposit drama
21x122Livid over light install
21x121You stole my car and crashed it!
21x120You Went Away On A Girls Trip And Came Back Married
21x119Towing Trouble
21x118Raging Mad Over Mower Repair
21x117Music Mayhem
21x116Personal Trainer Drama
21x115Music Producer Mayhem
21x114My Father Emptied My Bank Account
21x113Pool Collapse Catastrophe
21x112Livid Over a Lost Dog
21x111Fired After a Failed Background Check
21x110Missing Money Mayhem
21x109Stiffed on a Photo Shoot
21x108Friendship Ruined Over a Car Feud
21x107You Borrowed My Car Without Permission!
21x106Photo Booth Loan Disaster
21x105Horse Horror
21x104Car Wash Car Crisis
21x103Neighborhood Fence Drama
21x102Child Support Shakedown
21x101Towing Tussle
21x100Stolen Money Mayhem
21x99PlayStation Problems
21x98Doggie Disaster
21x97Bitter Over a Bald Spot
21x96Cranky Over a Cruise
21x95Sister Court Crisis
21x94Dog Disaster
21x93Exes Battle Over Son's Ashes
21x92We Found Someone Dead in Our Rental!
21x91Online Dating Disaster
21x90Mother/Daughter Relationship Ruined Over a Loan
21x89Road Rage Revenge
21x88Exes Square Off Over Money
21x87Hair Extension Hassle
21x86Boat Repair Rampage
21x80You Gave Me Fake Documents
21x85Leave My Daughter Alone!
21x84Freaking Out Over Frogs
21x83Tantrum Over Tossed Valuables
21x82Rental Riot
21x81Your Dog Peed on My Granddaughter's Head
21x79Livid at a Lawyer
21x78Furious Over a Fence
21x77You Played Me to Get a Phone
21x76Raging at a Real Estate Broker
21x75Daycare Disaster
21x74Exes Square Off in Court
21x73Hair Salon Ruckus
21x72Being a Hustler
21x71Crying Over a Cat Attack
21x70Sizzling Mad Over Shoes
21x69Lawnmower Madness
21x68Electrical Disaster
21x67Handyman Fall Fiasco
21x66You Ruined My Daughter's Sweet 16 Party!
21x65Couch Crisis
21x64Stolen Clothing Situation
21x63Sewage Backup Blowout
21x62Livid Over Leaky Roof
21x61Return My Beloved Dog!
21x60Tractor Tantrum
21x59You Stole My Puppy
21x58Massage Mayhem
21x57Furniture Fireworks
21x56Heated Over Car Repair
21x55Missing Coat Caper
21x54Custom Car Paint Catastrophe
21x53Sticky Finger Stepson
21x52You Put All My Belongings on the Curb?
21x51Making a Mommy Mad
21x50Car Beatdown
21x49Your Dog Is a Menace
21x48Vacation Ruins a Friendship
21x47You Never Returned the Rental Car!
21x46Rapper Career Catastrophe
21x45You Stole My Dog!
21x44You Starved My Horse
21x43Mercedes Smash Up
21x42Father Sues Son Over Car Lease
21x41Panicking Over a Prom Dress
21x40Livid Over a Loan
21x39Motorcycle Mayhem
21x38You Didn't Repair My Sex Toy!
21x37Two-Timing an Ex
21x36Comedy Catastrophe
21x35Roommate Ruckus
21x34Mom Sues Her Daughter's Ex!
21x33You Broke My Window
21x32Jewelry Tussle
21x28Victim of a Vicious Dog
21x31Shared Driveway Dilemma
21x30Dog Fight Fiasco
21x29Truck Driver Tussel
21x27Beer Can Battle
21x26Phone Fight Ends Friendship
21x25Taking Out an Opponent
21x24Playing Dirty
21x23Exes Bicker Over Belongings
21x22Model Mayhem
21x21Greedy Girlfriend
21x20Couch Catastrophe
21x19Romance Rent Rage
21x18Hospitalized After Dog Bite
21x17Bail Bond Blow-Up
21x16Tile Tussel
21x15If You Cook for Me, I'll Get You a Cell Phone
21x14Furious Over Getting Fleeced!
21x13Livid at a Landlord
21x11Getting Steamed!
21x12Wedding Dress Disaster
21x10Rent Riot
21x9Battle Over a Band
21x8Exes Battle Over Mortgage
21x7Friendship Ruined Over a Loan
21x6Exes Wedding War
21x5Harassing a Handyman
21x4Roommate Rent Riot
21x3Livid Over a Loan
21x2Your Cat Peed on My Rug!
21x1Friend Loan Fireworks
Сезон 20...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
20x150I'm Livid You Sold Me a Lemon
20x149Truck Fire Fiasco
20x148Pooping Out on a Puppy
20x147Restraining Order Ruined Our Friendship
20x146The Wedding Is Off!
20x145Bail Loan Blowup
20x144Sizzling Mad Over a Shattered Window
20x143Neighborhood Debacle
20x142Mechanic Mayhem
20x141Dog Bite Disaster
20x140Friendship Ruined Over a Loan
20x139Boiler Blow-Up
20x138Crooked Banking
20x137Storming Mad Over Storage
20x136Grumpy Grandparents
20x135Pool Problems
20x134Stiffed by the Boss
20x133Sweetheart Swindler
20x132Parking Pandemonium
20x131Sizzling Mad Over Stocks
20x130Airport Parking Anger
20x129Tantrum Over Tutoring
20x128Furniture Fiasco
20x127Sizzling Mad Over a Smashed Windshield
20x126Planting Problems
20x125Stolen Car Ruckus
20x124Running From a Roommate
20x123Exes Battle Over a Car Loan
20x122Boiling Mad Over Broken AC
20x121Pizza Delivery Disaster
20x120Trauma Over a Terrible Tattoo
20x119Parking Ticket Tantrum
20x118My Ex Stole My Dog
20x117Bail Bond Blowup
20x116Farm Fireworks
20x115My Aunt Stole My Tax Refund
20x114Boyfriend Roommate Ruckus
20x113Exes Steaming Over Storage Situation
20x112Jailhouse Swindle
20x111Dog Park Doggie Dilemma
20x110Your Vicious Dogs Killed My Poodle
20x109Car Title Tantrum
20x108Rusty Bodywork Battle
20x107Crying Over a Cracked Phone
20x106Suing a Friend
20x105You Stole My Film!
20x104Scorned Lovers Square Off
20x103Exes Battle Over Credit Card Debt
20x102Warfare Over Wages
20x101Moving Mayhem
20x100Father/Son Family Feud
20x99You Ruined My Vacation!
20x98Ex Accused of Breaking & Entering
20x97Denture Disaster
20x96Friends Feud Over Money
20x95Sabotage on the High Seas
20x94Caught Texting Another Woman!
20x93Rental Rage
20x92Caught Stealing From a Storage Unit
20x91Steaming Mad Over Sewing Lessons
20x90Sizzling Mad Disco Singer
20x89You Destroyed My Wedding Dress!
20x88Furious Over a Fender
20x87Debt Disaster
20x86Car Fix Fiasco
20x85Exes Square Off
20x84Dog Bite Debacle
20x83Boat Disaster
20x82Leaky Litigation
20x81You Stole My Hotdog Cart!
20x80Puppy Problems
20x79Landlord/Tenant Feud
20x78Car Sale Catastrophe
20x77Friendship Ruined Over Furniture Sale
20x76Towing Trauma
20x75Drunk Driving Disaster
20x74Tenant Tussle
20x73Clash Over Missing Glasses
20x72Car Catastrophe
20x71Road Rage Riot
20x70Neighbor Nightmare
20x69Distracted Driving
20x68Tux Rental Riot
20x67Shopping Cart Crisis
20x65Water Bill Blow Up
20x66Truck Trailer Turmoil
20x64Chipmunk Removal Rage
20x63Furious Over Being Stiffed
20x62Neighbor Tree Trouble
20x61Exes Battle Over a Phone
20x60Bitter Over a Birthday Party
20x59Friendship Ruined Over a Vacation
20x58War Over a Window
20x57Kitten Catastrophe
20x56Rental Renovation Rage
20x55Shared Room Scam
20x54Sizzling Mad Over a Smashed Surfboard
20x53Rental Car Rampage
20x52Scammed out of Retirement Funds by Her Boyfriend
20x51Denture Disaster
20x50Suing Over 3 Dollars
20x49Road Rage Riot
20x48Mechanic Mayhem
20x47TV Installation Anger
20x46Trainer Tantrum
20x45Sidewalk Fall Fiasco
20x44Skateboard Situation
20x43Prom Dress Problems
20x42Birthday Bash Blowout!
20x41Boiling Mad Over a Mercedes
20x40You Just Dated Me for Money!
20x39Agitated Over Advertising
20x38Family in Crisis Over a Loan
20x37Room Rental Riot
20x36A Winning Lottery Blowup!
20x35Getting Paid to Go on a Date?
20x34Family Death Turmoil
20x33House Cleaning Horror
20x32Car Sale Crisis
20x31Dating Loan Disaster
20x30Boiling Mad Over a Bike
20x29Busted Bike Debacle
20x28Exes Battle It Out in Court
20x27Hit-and-Run Hysteria
20x26Roomates Rumble
20x25Roof Rampage
20x24Conned by a Contractor
20x23My Cousin Stuck Me With an $800 Phone Bill
20x22Painting Panic
20x21You Attacked My Dog With Your Cane!
20x20Scammed by a Fake Publicist
20x19A Lifelong Friendship Ruined Over Rent
20x18Parking Lot Fight Fiasco
20x17Breakup Blowout!
20x16Labor for Free Rent Disaster
20x15Moving Mayhem!
20x14TV Tears Apart a Friendship
20x13Relationship Loan Disaster
20x12Chat Line Relationship Catastrophe
20x11Vicious Vacation Fight
20x10Scalping Scam
20x9Stiffing the Party Planners
20x8Taking Advantage of a Landlord
20x7You Sold Me a Fake Phone
20x6Taking Your Anger Out on a Car
20x5Flower Fiasco
20x4Friendship Fireworks Over a Loan
20x3My Live-In Boyfriend Was Messing With My Sister
20x2Tree Cutter Tantrum
20x1Bed Bug Infestation
Сезон 19...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
19x150Car Parts Dealer Disaster
19x149Riot Over the Internet
19x148Suing a Sister-in-Law
19x147Feuding Friends
19x146Antique Ambush
19x145You Installed the Wrong Tiles in My Bathroom!
19x144Mother/Daughter Courtroom Drama
19x143Dog Mating Disaster
19x142Roommates Rumble
19x141Insurance Fraud
19x140Crooked Contractor
19x139Your Son Broke My Daughter's iPad
19x138Neighbors at War
19x137Rental Ruckus
19x136Wedding Photo Fiasco
19x135Sketchy Rental Situation
19x134Nosey Landlord
19x133Fireworks Over a Faulty Stove
19x132Suspicious Texts
19x131Harassed By Her Boss
19x130You Stole My Kids TV
19x129Pay me, Don't Threaten Me
19x128Neighbor Nightmare
19x127Clothing Store Catastrophe
19x126Rental Ruckus
19x125Exes at War
19x124Abandoned by Her Father
19x123Stealing From a Brother
19x122Father/Daughter Crisis
19x121Little Women: LA Star in Court!
19x115Raunchy Roommate
19x114Ex Spending Spree
19x113Wedding Wrecker
19x112Co-Worker Chaos
19x111Family Feuding Over Rental
19x110Cruise Catastrophe
19x109Painting Disaster
19x108You Sold Me A Sick Dog
19x107You Lied To The Police And Got Me Arrested
19x106Roommate Sex Refusal
19x105Dog-Sitting Disaster
19x104A Family Fall Out
19x103My Brother Stole My TV
19x102Cake Catastrophe
19x101Tree-Trimming Turmoil
19x100Lousy Landlording
19x99Rear-End Ruckus
19x98Exes Clash Over a Car
19x97Music Mishap
19x96Repair Bill Riot
19x95Your Teenagers Trashed My House
19x94Hair Extension Disaster
19x93Your House Is Haunted by a Ghost!
19x92Neighbor Nightmare
19x91Sex Tape Scandal
19x90You Stole My Dog: Now Give It Back
19x89Drunken Domestic Drama
19x88Lawyer Arrested for Bribing a Court Official
19x87Bickering Over Bills
19x86Roof Damage Ruckus
19x85Doggie Paternity Disaster
19x84Tussel Over a Tow
19x83Karaoke Combustion
19x82You Bleached My Designer Bag
19x81Dog Attack Anger
19x80Your Dog Killed My Dog!
19x79You Scammed Me Into Taking Your Online Class
19x78Your Dog Took a Chunk out of My Finger!
19x77Wedding Disaster
19x76Your Cheap Jewelry Gave Me Blisters!
19x75Fender Bender Fiasco
19x74You Sold Me A Junky Jet Ski
19x73Tenant Turmoil
19x72Making A Lot Of Noise Over A Missing Speaker
19x71Your Vicious Dog Almost Killed My Dog
19x70You Sold Me A Stolen Phone
19x69A Mother Hauls Her Daughter Into Court
19x68Your Dog Bit My Child In The Face
19x67Fire Fiasco
19x66Exes Battle It Out Over A Computer
19x65Moving Day Mischief
19x64Dog Bite Disaster
19x63Cell Phone Catastrophe
19x62Mother/Son Litigation
19x61Online Stripper Debacle
19x60You Attacked Me When You Were Drunk
19x59Towing Tussle
19x58Explosion Over A Huge Gas Bill
19x57The Day The Music Died
19x56Hair Color Catastrophe
19x55Catering Catastrophe
19x54Your Son Threatened Me
19x53Sister Getting Squeezed For Her Brother's Loan
19x52You Stole 400 From Me!
19x51Tenant Turmoil
19x50You Are the Worst Landlord Ever!
19x49Double-Crossing an Expert Witness
19x48Breakup Demolition Derby
19x47You Sold Me a Fake Fish
19x46You Stole My $2,400 and Spent It at a Strip Club!
19x45Caught Red-Handed!
19x44Brawl in the Family
19x43Towing Tussel
19x42Parking Tickets Destroy a Friendship
19x41You Stole My Dog!
19x40You Are 58 Trying to Date a 22-Year-Old!
19x39Music Video Disaster
19x38Family Argument Turns Physical
19x37Landlord Litigation
19x36Car Sale Catastrophe
19x35Did a Dad's Punishment Go Too Far?
19x34Move-In Mania
19x33Fender Bender Fiasco
19x32Dead Bird Debacle
19x31Remote Control Chopper Theft
19x30Roomate rumble
19x29Car crash crisis
19x28You set my van on fire.
19x27Rotten renter
19x26You sold me a sick puppy!
19x25Cat rescue turns catastrophic
19x24Sketchy boyfriend / sketchy loan
19x23Father / Daughter car clash
19x22Brothers moving battle
19x21I call that abandonment
19x20My landlord got me fired
19x19Dog death dilemma
19x18Ripped off by a clothing designer
19x17Freaking out over a funeral
19x16Sister steals family inheritance
19x15You had a wife, a fiance, and a mistress?
19x14Money tears apart a relationship
19x13Judge and defendant go head to head
19x12Car catastrophe
19x11Workplace warfare
19x10Marriage mayhem
19x9Antique repair uproar
19x8You threw me out of your taxi
19x7Cruise sinks a family
19x6Traffic ticket tears apart a family
19x5Bitter exes bedroom battle
19x4Neighbor nightmare
19x3Diamond ring tears a family apart
19x2Hospital hook up
19x1Drunk driving disaster
19x120Devastated By A Dog Attack
19x119Radio Riot
19x118You Are A Deadbeat Mom
19x117Fireworks Over A Furnace
19x116Dreadlock Disaster
Сезон 18...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
18x150Tax Fraud Fiasco
18x149An Engagement Ring Ruckus
18x148Divorce Disaster
18x147Co-Worker Clash
18x146Fireworks Fly When Exes Square Off
18x145Daycare Dilemma
18x144Good Samaritan Sued For His Good Deed
18x143Freeloading Tenant
18x142Exes Battle It Out In Court
18x141Brothers Battle Over The Family Inheritance
18x140Canine Catastrophe
18x139Neighbors Battle Over A Tree
18x138Sparks Fly When Fuming Fire Fighters Face Off In Court
18x137"You Took Advantage Of My Mother"
18x136Dog Bite Disaster
18x135Uncle Drags His Niece To Court Over A Loan
18x134Wedding Food Disaster
18x133Stock Scammer
18x132"You Lost My Dog!"
18x131A Father Denies His Daughter In Court
18x130Car Tow Leads To An Explosion
18x129She Pulled A Knife Out In Front Of My Kids
18x128Landlord Litigation Over Hidden Video Cameras
18x127Mother And Son Hash It Out In Court
18x126A Break Up Battle
18x125Pit Bull Attack
18x123Dream Car Disaster
18x124Wedding War
18x122"I Got The Bill For Your New Fiance's Engagement Ring!"
18x121Ex's Clash Over Cash
18x120College Coeds Clash
18x119Who's Crazy: The Landlord or the Tenant?
18x118Roadside Wreck Leads to a Racist Rant
18x117Nasty Neighbor
18x116Pooch Problems
18x115Drunk Driving Dilemma
18x114Pet Sale Ends In Tragedy
18x113Bankruptcy Scam
18x112Dumping Disaster
18x111You Punched My Car And Dented It
18x110Wedding Style Mess
18x109Concert Crowd Surfing Chaos
18x108Living Large Loan
18x107Ceiling Crisis
18x106The Only Thing You Ever Gave Me Was Your Abusive Son!
18x105Ex-Sister-in-Law Overstayed Her Welcome
18x104Roommate Rule Ruckus
18x103Fashion Fiasco
18x102Bedbug Infestation
18x101Shady Fundraiser
18x100Lusty Landlord
18x99Daycare Dilemma
18x98Dog Stud Service Disaster
18x97Nasty Neighbors
18x96Messy Tenant Mayhem
18x95Flooding Fiasco
18x94Pet Groomer Accused Of Stealing Clients
18x93Business Deal Disaster
18x92Exes Square Off In Court
18x91Flea Fiasco
18x90"My Sister Is Holding My Stuff Hostage!"
18x89Dog Attack Disaster
18x88Mattress Mayhem
18x87Bad Boss Battle
18x86Nasty Neighbors Battle It Out
18x85Dog Run Debacle
18x84Motorcycle Sale Scam Exposes A Liar
18x83"You Beat My Dog With A Machete"
18x82Fender Bender Fiasco
18x81Magician Mishap
18x80Horse Stable Scandal
18x79Car Paint Catastrophe
18x78Worst Tenant Ever
18x77Auction Con Artist
18x76Cruise Crisis
18x75Renter Scam Revealed
18x74"You Broke My Heart When You Stole My Dog."
18x73Friendship Destroyed After A Wedding Disaster
18x72Car Crash Catastrophe
18x71Jet Skiing Jerk!
18x70Stiffing An Ex
18x69Car Crash Catastrophe
18x68Sax Return Caos
18x67Car Rental Ruckus
18x66Ex Loan Fiasco
18x65Missing Car Mystery
18x64Missed Hair Appointment Destroys A 15-Year Friendship
18x63Threatened After A Bad Job
18x62Instagram Romance Catastrophe
18x61A Party Disaster
18x60An Ungrateful Godson
18x59Tenant Turmoil
18x58Scorned Women Face Off In Court!
18x57Horse Hijinks
18x56Fancy Car Fiasco
18x55A Soiled Sofa Ruined Our Friendship
18x54Parking Lot Crash
18x53"You Painted The Wrong House!"
18x52"You Ruined My Name All Over Social Media"
18x51Phony Car Crash Witness
18x50Caught Cashing Stolen Checks!
18x49Waging War Over Lack Of Water
18x48A Doggone Doggie Dilemma
18x47Birthday Party Catastrophe
18x46Diamond Ring Disaster
18x45Teens In Trouble
18x44Engagement Ring Scam
18x43A Scorned Woman Squares Off Against Her Ex.
18x42Bee Rampage Kills A Beloved Dog
18x41Family Drama When A Daughter Sues Her Mother
18x40You Vandalized My Car!
18x39Party Nightmare!
18x38You're Not Welcome Here Anymore!
18x37Contractor Gets Stiffed And The Cops Are Called
18x36College Prank Gone Too Far
18x35Car Sale Catastrophe
18x34Scorned Lover Looking For Payback
18x33Air Conditioning Disaster
18x32Family Drama Over A Crashed Motorcycle
18x31Lifetime Membership Mayhem
18x30Cancer Patient Wig Debacle
18x29Car Loan Mess
18x28Cleaning Disaster
18x27Concert Loan Catastrophe
18x26Dumped After 19 Years!
18x25Boat Repair Botch Up
18x24My Wedding Videographer Missed The Ceremony!
18x23Landlord/Tenant Confrontation
18x22Hit And Run Dilemma
18x21Online Dating Disaster
18x20You Have A Terrible Temper, Now Get Out Of My House
18x19You Killed My Dog On Christmas Eve
18x18Dental Disaster
18x17Concert Ticket Catastrophe
18x16A Cheating Spouse Takes His Ex To Court
18x15Classmates Become Courtmates
18x14Lover Loan Crisis
18x13A Fast Loan Fiasco
18x12Wedding Dress Rental Ruckus
18x11Caught Stealing From A Friend
18x10Room Rental With Fringe Benefits
18x9A Coffee Crisis Leads To Court Action
18x8A Tragic Road Accident Leads To Litigation
18x7I Bailed You Out of Jail, Now Pay Up!
18x6You Hit My Car And Took Off!
18x5Personal Training Turmoil
18x4Domestic Violence Disaster
18x3Plumber Does A Disappearing Act
18x2You Stole The Dog During The Night
18x1I Have Video Of You Hitting My Car So Pay Up!
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17x170You Have To Pay Me To Move Out
17x169Sisters Square Off In Court
17x168Lousy Lawyering
17x167Family Friction
17x166A Snowy Situation
17x165Drum Set Debacle
17x164Emotional Mother VS. Daughter
17x163You Sold Me A Fake Guitar
17x162My Landlord Stole My TV
17x161A Car Catastrophe
17x160Lousy Landlording
17x159Tenants Terrorized By Landlords Pooch
17x158Contract Crisis
17x157I will Pay You Back For Sexual Favors
17x156Cruise Catastrophe
17x155Construction Catastrophe
17x154Dog Fight Dilemma
17x153Hair Extension Horror
17x152Signing Off
17x151A Ruckus Over Roaches!
17x150Your Apartment Is a Disaster
17x149Roommate Ruckus
17x148Some Friend: You Stole My Phone!
17x147A Family In Crisis Over Borrowed Money
17x146An Abandoned Daughter Takes Her Father To Court
17x145You Stole My Dog!
17x144My Sister Swiped My Sneakers!
17x143Car Crisis Crushes A Friendship
17x142Tow Truck Tussle
17x141Freezing Out A Customer
17x140Dishwasher Didn't Work For Free
17x139Music Mogul Mayhem
17x138My Ex Wife And Mother-in-law Stole My Jewelry
17x137Video Game Emergency
17x136Brutal Breakup!
17x135Lousy Limo Driver Left A Family Of Six Stranded
17x134Dance Class Disaster
17x133He Hit Me And I Hit Him Back
17x132I Lied To My Pregnant Wife And Loaned My Ex $3,000
17x131Racist Rampage In Court
17x130A TV Tears Up A Friendship
17x129Extorted By A Realtor?
17x128In Tears Over A Custom Rain Coat
17x127Drunken Car Destruction
17x126A Physical Fight Over Their Child
17x125Car Buyer Remorse
17x124Singing The Blues
17x123Secret Sex Sessions Caught On Tape
17x122Violent Showdown Over Lawn Work
17x121Your Loose Pig Caused Me To Crash
17x120You Destroyed My Cell Phone
17x119You Cheated With My Best Friend!
17x118Boat Debacle
17x117Teeth Turmoil
17x116My Car Disappeared
17x115You Ruined My Laptop
17x114Caught Fleeing the Scene of an Accident
17x113My Landlord Went Through My Underwear Drawer
17x112Canine Rampage
17x111Neighbor Nightmare
17x110Tree Trimming Dilemma
17x109Party Problems
17x108Kitchen Catastrophe
17x107Move In Madness
17x106You Gave My Dog Away!
17x105He Threw My $500 Car Keys Out The Window!
17x104A Jeep Jalopy
17x103Air Conditioning Disaster
17x102Camera Catastrophe
17x101Caught in a Sublet Scam
17x100Contractor Conman
17x99A Father Leaves His Family
17x98You Took a Friend on Vacation and Left Your Husband at Home!
17x97Who Is the Father of Your Baby?
17x96Pedaling Into a Lawsuit
17x95A Relationship Texting Turmoil
17x94Bridesmaids Battle Over a Loan
17x93Child Care Crisis
17x92Did a Stranger Steal Her Laundry?
17x91Friends No More
17x90Furniture Finance Fiasco
17x89You Owe My Dead Father Money
17x88Custom Shoe Catastrophe
17x87Seduced out of Big Bucks
17x86Altercation Over a Dress Alteration
17x85I Paid for Your Vacation: Now Pay Me Back
17x84Nasty Neighborhood Confrontation Over Lousy Landscaping
17x83Busted Big-Screen Bash
17x82Rental Car Ruckus
17x81A Car Loan Crashes and Burns
17x80Ticking Off a Tenant
17x79Fouling Up a Friendship
17x78You Owe Me Two More Dining Room Chairs
17x77Wretched Rear Window Repair
17x76A Cat Catastrophe!
17x75Tantrum Over a Ruined Table
17x74A Garage Construction Catastrophe
17x73Your Unleashed Dog Impregnated My Dog, Now Pay the Vet Bills
17x72A Birthday Dress Disaster
17x71A Painting Dilemma
17x70How Dare You Sell Me a Lemon
17x69Storage Wars Between Exes
17x68A Fresh Photographer
17x67A Dog Walk Disaster
17x66A Broken Hearted Mom Sues Her Abusive Son
17x65Troubled Teen Turmoil
17x64A Fender Bender Fall-Out
17x63You Forged My Signature
17x62You Stole My Dog
17x61Claims Of Adultery Triggers Late Night Fun
17x60Ruined Relationship Over a Loan
17x59Get Outta My House
17x58A Rental Ruckus After a Divorce
17x57Joyriding Gone Wrong
17x56That's One Crazy Dog
17x55Her Ride Was Damaged During REPO
17x54A Rocky Road To Recovery
17x53Rumors Ripped Them Apart
17x52Custom Awning Catastrophe
17x51You Can't Drive Away Attached to a Tow Truck
17x50Butting Heads With a Baby Sitter
17x49You Bought a Car Without Seeing It First?
17x48Roommate's Romeo Needs To Pay Rent
17x47Precious Puppy Abuse
17x46Your Daughter Is a Bully
17x45Roommates Rumble
17x44A Rockstar Friendship Ruined By Rumors
17x43Your Trash Fell and Dented My Car
17x42A Roofer Rip Off
17x41You Ruined My Designer Sweatpants
17x40A Mother & Daughter's Emotional Battle
17x39Her Sugar Daddy Sent Her To Modeling School
17x38The Music Died When the DJ Was Late To Their Wedding
17x37A $15,000 Loan For a Man She Just Met??
17x36You Owe Me $7,000 In Vet Bills for My Sick Dog
17x35Amateur Breeders Exposed
17x34Beauty Isn't Cheap
17x33A Car Loan Catastrophe
17x32Stepping On a Stepdad
17x31Ruffled Feathers Over A Bird Battle
17x30Losing Out On a Lapsed Layaway
17x29A Contractor and Customer Collide
17x28A Catering Catastrophe
17x27A Creative Clash Leads to a Return of Cash
17x26Love for Sale
17x25You Threw My Kitty Away?
17x24A Best Friend Blowout
17x23A Puppy Mauling
17x22You Said You'd Make My Son a Star
17x21A Dental Disaster
17x20Mr. Nice Guy Goes Berserk
17x19Lawyering Up For Free?
17x18A Foot Doctor Fiasco
17x17Brothers Battle It Out
17x16Scalped By a Stylist
17x15Storage Wars Between a Woman & Her Boyfriend’s Mom
17x14Driving a Guy Batty
17x13Rocking the Boat
17x12Getting His Wife Hot
17x11Causing A Hairy Situation
17x10A Dental Disaster
17x9Work Place Havoc
17x8Rubbing a Woman the Wrong Way
17x7A Fake Diamond Fiasco
17x6Claims of Assault Triggers a Domestic Disturbance
17x5A High Priced Lawyer Gets Stiffed
17x4A Bedbug Infestation
17x3Contractor Painting Problems
17x2Commercial Contract Confusion
17x1A Sister Smackdown
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16x127Airplane Argument
16x122Mr. Right Asked to Borrow $15,000 as Soon as We Started Dating!
16x120An Expensive Hobby Lands a Hubby in Hot Water
16x119Drunk Dune-Buggy Driving
16x118Did Getting Caught in the Act Trigger a Payback?
16x117You Vandalized My House
16x116Your Son Damaged My Car!
16x115Flat Screen TV Fiasco
16x114Car Loan Catastrophe
16x113A Halloween Horror Story
16x112Dog-Bite Disaster
16x111All Fired Up Over the Heat
16x110Was She a Cougar on the Prowl or a Victim of a Con Artist?
16x109You Ran Your Shopping Cart Into My Car
16x108A Starved Showhorse Exposes Foul Play!
16x107When Things Didn't Go Her Way, She Turned Into Bridezilla
16x106Teen Drivers Collide, But Their Witnesses Run and Hide
16x105I Found Out on Facebook He Was Cheating on Me!
16x104Contractor Conned out of Thousands
16x103Hairdresser Horror Story!
16x102A Handyman Scamming Senior Citizens?!
16x101A Grandfather's Grudge Drags His Granddaughter Into Court
16x100Motorcycle Mama With a Racy Logo
16x99You Forged My Car Contract
16x98Two-Timing Telephone Trouble
16x97Underaged Drinking Disaster
16x96Voice Messages Reveal an Explosive Ex
16x95Buddies Battle Over a Bundle of Cash
16x94Your Dog Grabbed My Dog by the Mouth!
16x93A Filmmaker Flakes Out
16x92A Soccer Mom With No Manners
16x91He Came to My Job and Accused Me of Selling Drugs to His Kid!
16x90Daddy's Little Girl Dilemma
16x89Mouthing Off to a Cop -- Twice!
16x88The Weeds Were Enormous: What Kind of Landscaper Are You?
16x87A 40-Year-Old Friendship Goes Down the Tubes
16x86It Was Extortion When You Called Child Protective Services!
16x85Exotic Dancers' Drunk Driving Disaster
16x84You Ran My Dog Over and Showed No Remorse!
16x83You Replaced My Diamond Ring With Junk!
16x82Advertising Nightmare
16x81Neighbors for 40 Years Battle It Out in Court
16x80That Baby Sitter Put My Son in Danger!
16x79Disastrous Dentist Dilemma
16x78Couch Catastrophe
16x77Lovers Quarrel in Court
16x47Cozying Up to the Landlord!
16x41Tough Love for a Troubled Teen
16x8Our Dream Home Is Haunted