Super Sentai

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    1975 – ...
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    Соединенные Штаты


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Даты выхода серий

Сезон 43...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
43x37Birth of the Scariest Tag!
43x36The Super Fast Bodyguard
43x35The Earth's Biggest Battle
43x34The Space Dragon is Here!
43x33The New Assassin
43x32When the Rain of Hatred Stops
43x31Melody From the Sky
43x30Knockdown! High Spec
43x29Canalo's Marriage
43x28Micro Offense and Defense
43x27The Peerless Fist
43x26The Seventh Knight
43x25Dancing Kleon
43x24The Karate Dojo of Love
43x23The Phantom Ryusoul
43x22The Deceased Lives!?
43x21The Light and Dark Kishiryū
43x20Supreme Artist
43x19Attack on Tyramigo
43x18A Big Pinch! I Can't Transform!!
43x17The Captive Tough Guy
43x16Hope Submerged into the Sea
43x15King of the Deep Sea
43x14The Golden Knight
43x13Ryusoul Tribe Prime Minister!?
43x12A Scorching Illusion
43x11The Blazing Quiz King
43x10Unbeatable Counter
43x9Suspicious Treasure Chest
43x8The Miracle Singing Voice
43x7The Princess of Cepheus
43x6Counterattack!! Tankjou
43x5Hell's Guard Dog
43x4Dragon and Tiger!! Fastest Battle
43x3The Spell's Gaze
43x2Make Our Souls One
43x1Que Bom! Ryusoulger
Сезон 42...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
42x51We'll Surely Meet Again
42x50An Eternal Adieu
42x49As Phantom Thieves, As Police
42x48The True Faces Underneath the Masks
42x47What I Can Do Now
42x46Can't Leave the Game
42x45Looking Forward to Christmas
42x44Truth Discovered
42x43The Man Who Came Back
42x42Decisive Battle Time
42x41Door to Another World
42x40I Can't Stop Worrying
42x39Bet It All on This
42x38The Collection from Space
42x37The Place You Call Home
42x36Shoot the Bomb
42x35The Good, the Bad, and the Normal
42x34The Legendary Gun
42x33We're the Kid Phantom Thief Club
42x32Challenge to a Duel
42x31Surrendering Ganglar
42x30Together on Vacation
42x29Photos are Memories
42x28Fight on Your Birthday Too
42x27Dancing Yes-Man
42x26Black Market Auction
42x25Gonna Be the Strongest Ever
42x24A Promise to Return Alive
42x23Status Gold
42x22Love is an Essential Part of Life
42x21Friend or Foe, Are You On Board?
42x20The New Phantom Thief is a Cop
42x19Punishment for Disobeying Orders
42x18The Secret of the Collection
42x17Secret Feelings
42x16Because We Are Comrades
42x15A Police Officer's Job
42x14The Set Trap
42x13The Best and Worst Day Off
42x12The Magic Bracelet
42x11The Filming Must Go On
42x10This Isn't Over Yet
42x9To See Them Again
42x8The Thieves' True Identities
42x7Always Being Saved
42x6What Must Be Protected
42x5Targeted Global Police
42x4Forbidden Relationship
42x3We'll Definitely Get Them Back
42x2Global Police, Give Chase
42x1Phantom Thieves Who Stir Up a Storm
Сезон 41...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
41x48Yell Through the Galaxy! Alright, Lucky
41x47The Saviors' Promise
41x46The Interval Between Hope and Despair
41x45Tsurugi's Life and Earth's Crisis
41x44Don Armage's True Identity
41x43Swear "Alright, Lucky" on the Holy Night
41x42Your Father or the Galaxy? Lucky's Resolve
41x41Break In! Planet Southern Cross
41x40Play Ball! The Hellish Deathball
41x39The Big Adventure at Perseus
41x38Oh Balls! The 9 Rapid-fire Crises!
41x37Lucky, Reunion With His Father
41x36The Legend from Lucky's Home Planet
41x35The Galaxy's No.1 Idol's Secret
41x34The Mysterious Masked Warrior Appears
41x33Takeoff! Battle Orion Ship
41x32Orion, Into Eternity!
41x31The Big Nāga Rescue Plan!
41x30Alright! The Miraculous KyūTama
41x29The Strongest Warrior of the Orion System
41x28The BN Thieves Break Up...
41x27Indabee Panic Aboard the Orion!?
41x26Dark Warrior, Hebitsukai Metal
41x25Planet Toki! A Boy's Resolve
41x24I Will Become a Shield Who Fights!
41x23Be My Shield!
41x22The True Identity of the Legendary Savior
41x21Farewell, Scorpio! Time for the Argo Ship's Revival!
41x20Stinger VS Scorpio
41x19Sprite of the Woodland Planet Keel
41x18Emergency Deployment! Space Heroes!
41x17Sun Shining Upon the Dark Dome!
41x16Stinger is Reunited with His Brother
41x15Saviors of the Ocean Planet Vela
41x14Dance! Space Dragon Palace!
41x13Stinger's Challenge to His Brother!
41x1211 Ultimate All-Stars
41x11The 3 KyūTama That Will Save the Galaxy
41x10The Small Giant, Big Star!
41x9Burn Up, Dragon Ma-Star
41x8Commander Shou Lonpou's Secret
41x7Take Back the Birthday!
41x6Take Flight! Dancing Star!
41x5The Nine Ultimate Saviors
41x4The Dreaming Android
41x3The Man from the Desert Planet
41x2Let's Go! The BN Thieves
41x1The Number One Super Star in the Galaxy
Сезон 40...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
40x45Seals to Be Broken
40x44Monarch of Humanity
40x43The Christmas Witness
40x42Fate of This Planet
40x41The First and Last Chance
40x40A Man's Ideals
40x39Calories and a Necklace
40x38Soar High in the Sky
40x37Monarch of the Heavens
40x36Halloween Prince
40x35The Zyuohgers' Final Day
40x34The Giant Beast Hunter Strikes Back
40x33Cat Trick Payback
40x32Two-Faced Heart
40x31The Giant Beast Rises
40x30The Legendary Giant Beast
40x29King of Kings
40x28The Space Pirates Return
40x27Which One is Real?
40x26I Want to Protect an Important Day
40x25Unhappy Camera
40x24Revived Memory
40x23Giant Beast Hunter
40x22Awakening? Misunderstanding?
40x21Prison Break
40x20Monarch of the World
40x19Who to Believe
40x18Branded by Fear
40x17An Extra Player Interlopes
40x16Find the Zyumans
40x15The Terrifying Sniper
40x14The Lying Thief is Foolish
40x13The Summit Eyewitness
40x12The Short-Nosed Elephant
40x11Big Animal Gathering
40x10The Most Dangerous Game
40x9The Day That Won't End
40x8Melody of the Savanna
40x7A Go-Go-Go-Ghost Appears
40x6A Wild Present
40x5Monarch of the Jungle
40x4Howl in the Ring
40x3Want to Go Back But Can't
40x2Better Not Underestimate This Planet
40x1The Exhilarating Animal Land
Сезон 39...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
39x47Last Shinobi: To the Future Without Hiding Wasshoi!
39x46Shinobi 46: The Finishing Shuriken, Awakens!
39x45Shinobi 45: Three Generations! All Ninja Rally
39x44Shinobi 44: Final Battle! The Last Ninja's Ordeal
39x43Shinobi 43: Legendary Ninja! The Big Youkai Karuta Card Plan
39x42Shinobi 42: Otomo Nin Wars! Nekomata Strikes Back
39x41Shinobi 41: Kibaoni Party, Five Round Duel!
39x40Shinobi 40: A Dangerous Santa Claus!
39x39Shinobi 39: Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu, Appears!
39x38Shinobi 38: Does the Witch Girl like Yakumo?
39x37Shinobi 37: Shuriken Legend ~Path of the Last Ninja~
39x36Shinobi 36: Kinji, Glorious Superstar!
39x35Shinobi 35: Kinji's Dark Path to Becoming a Youkai!
39x34Shinobi 34: Legendary Global Ninja, Jiraiya Calling On!
39x33Shinobi 33: The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo
39x32Shinobi 32: Hella Hot Ninja! Achaa!
39x31Shinobi 31: Ninjas On the Run!
39x30Shinobi 30: The Ninja School is Targeted!
39x29Shinobi 29: Official Ninja Board Game!
39x28Shinobi 28: Mad Dash! Kibaoni Ninja Army
39x27Shinobi 27: It's Summer! Birth of the Chouzetsu Star
39x26Shinobi 26: It's Summer! Last Ninja Race Progress Report!
39x25Shinobi 25: It's Summer! Beware of Dracula
39x24Shinobi 24: It's Summer! Western Youkai Continually Arrive in Japan!
39x23Shinobi 23: It's Summer! Ninja Courage Test
39x22Shinobi 22: Super Combination! Ha-Oh Shurikenjin
39x21Shinobi 21: Burn Up! Dream Ninja Baseball
39x20Shinobi 20: The Chouzetsu! Lion Ha-Oh!
39x19Shinobi 19: Find the Celestial Otomo Nin!
39x18Shinobi 18: The Youkai Whom Yakumo Loved
39x17Shinobi 17: Goodbye, Star Ninger!
39x16Shinobi 16: Father Tsumuji is a Super Ninja!?
39x15Shinobi 15: Youkai, I Never Make a Mistake
39x14Shinobi 14: Watch Out For Crying Wolf Swindlers!
39x13Shinobi 13: Burn Up! Ninja Sports Rally
39x12Shinobi 12: Ultimate Showdown! Miraculous Fusion
39x11Shinobi 11: Shinobimaru, Come Back!
39x10Shinobi 10: Yeehaw! The Golden Starninger
39x9Shinobi 9: Ninjutsu VS Magic, a Big Battle!
39x8Shinobi 8: The Nekomata That Leapt Through Time!
39x7Shinobi 7: Spring Ninja Festival!
39x6Shinobi 6: Tengu Spirited Away
39x5Shinobi 5: Space Ninja UFOmaru!
39x4Shinobi 4: Elephant Appears! Paonmaru!
39x3Shinobi 3: The Powerful Enemy Gabi Appears!
39x2Shinobi 2: Become the Last Ninja!
39x1Shinobi 1: We are Ninja!
Сезон 38...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
38x47Final Station: That Which Shines
38x46Station 46: Final Destination
38x45Station 45: Home After You're Gone
38x44Station 44: To Subarugahama
38x43Station 43: Door That Won't Open
38x42Station 42: Message for You
38x41Station 41: Big Christmas Showdown
38x40Station 40: Just Who is Who?!
38x39Station 39: Beginning of the End
38x38Station 38: Let's Make a Movie
38x37Station 37: Unreasonable Quiz
38x36Station 36: Dreams Get a Perfect 100
38x35Station 35: The Terminal is Stolen
38x34Station 34: Big Romance Uproar
38x33Station 33: Decisive Karate Match
38x32Station 32: Determination
38x31Station 31: Hyper Ressha Terminal
38x30Station 30: The Birthday Celebration
38x29Station 29: Linkup Point with the Oncoming Train
38x28Station 28: Being Lame is Cool
38x27Station 27: A New Power
38x26Station 26: Battle in the Bathhouse
38x25Station 25: Fairy Tales Sprung to Life
38x24Station 24: Making It Past the Junction
38x23Station 23: Holding Hands
38x22Station 22: Birth of the Empress
38x21Station 21: The Bride is on the Run
38x20Station 20: Smiling is Dangerous
38x19Station 19: Depart! Build Dai-Oh
38x18Station 18: If I Call Your Name
38x17Station 17: The Sky Above the Rain
38x16Station 16: The Dangerous Special Train
38x15Station 15: What's in the Heart
38x14Station 14: Perplexed Detective, Famous Detective
38x13Station 13: Dash, Fire Extinguisher
38x12Station 12: The Rainbow Ticket
38x11Station 11: The Emperor of Darkness
38x10Station 10: Tokacchi, Dies at Sunset
38x9Station 9: Feelings are a One-Way Ticket
38x8Station 8: Rainbow Line's Big Explosion
38x7Station 7: Dejected, Demotivated
38x6Station 6: What Are We Looking For
38x5Station 5: Beyond the Missing Line
38x4Station 4: Be Careful Not to Forget Anything
38x3Station 3: Risky Deep Thoughts
38x2Station 2: We're Still Here
38x1Starting Station: Let's Go on the Express
Сезон 37...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
37x48Final Brave: Big Explosion! Goodbye, Kyoryugers
37x47Brave 47: Strike Back! The Greatest, Final Brave
37x46Brave 46: A Big Duel! A Blow of Love and Tears
37x45Brave 45: No Way, Dad! Silver's End
37x44Brave 44: Grinning Chaos! Countdown to Destruction
37x43Brave 43: Sword of Spirit! Howling Straizer
37x42Brave 42: Wonderful! Christmas of Justice
37x41Brave 41: Yanasanta! Deboss World Battle
37x40Brave 40: Good and Cool!! It's Tough Being an Old Man
37x39Brave 39: Full Force! The Ten Kyoryugers' Power
37x38Brave 38: Love Touch! The Most Beautiful Zorima!
37x37Brave 37: Revenge! Deboss Army Ghosts
37x36Brave 36: Giga Gaburincho! The Silver Miracle
37x35Brave 35: Super Awesome! Gigant Kyoryuzin!
37x34Brave 34: Resurrection! Bragigas Appears!
37x33Brave 33: Maximum! I Will Protect the Lady!
37x32Brave 32: Victory! Sports Showdown
37x31Brave 31: Vacance! The Eternal Holidays
37x30Brave 30: Find Them! The Guardians Fragments
37x29Brave 29: Great Fight! Carnival Dances
37x28Brave 28: Oh Torin! The 100 Million Year-Old Grudge
37x27Brave 27: O Matsurincho! Red's Super Evolution
37x26Brave 26: Oh My! The Gabutyra Human
37x25Brave 25: What's This?! The Nightmare of Deboss Army
37x24Brave 24: Burn! The Seven Kyoryugers
37x23Brave 23: Stand! Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin
37x22Brave 22: Im-poss-i-ble! Deboth's Resurrection
37x21Brave 21: Zuon! Plezuon Returns
37x20Brave 20: Unluckyu! The Tanabata Windfall
37x19Brave 19: Kyawain! Runaway Family
37x18Brave 18: Exhausted! Kung-Fu Strike
37x17Brave 17: Clashing of Teeth! Kyoryu Gray
37x16Brave 16: Taken Away! My Treasure
37x15Brave 15: Just Get It Right! Dogold's Ambition
37x14Brave 14: Oh No! Spirit Base
37x13Brave 13: Jakkireen! I'll Protect Your Heart
37x12Brave 12: Attack! The King and I
37x11Brave 11: Ucchi! How Cool
37x10Brave 10: Thunder! Gold Revival
37x9Brave 9: So Strong! Pteraidenoh
37x8Brave 8: Where Am I? Get Through the Maze
37x7Brave 7: Angry! Daigo's in Big Trouble
37x6Brave 6: Stop! Sing Canderrilla
37x5Brave 5: Boom! The Cavities of Ankydon
37x4Brave 4: Fire! The Gaburevolver of Courage
37x3Brave 3: Get Mad! The Slashing Brave
37x2Brave 2: Gaburincho! Snapping Combination
37x1Brave 1: Let's Go! The Red King
Сезон 36...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
36x50Eternal Bonds
36x49Preparation and Selection
36x48Setting the Trap
36x47Reset and Backup
36x46The New Fusion and Overheated Rampage!
36x45Happy New Year! A Small Formidable Enemy Returns
36x44Christmas Eve: Time to Complete the Mission (2)
36x43Christmas Determination (1)
36x42Attack! Within the Megazord
36x41The Thief Pink Buster!
36x40Suffering J and the Messiahloid
36x39Finishing Blow! Messiah's Fist
36x38Live! Ace Deathmatch
36x37The Black and White Brides
36x36Go-Buster Lioh, Shoom!!
36x35Roar, Tategami Lioh!
36x34The Enemy Is Beet Buster?!
36x33Morphin! Powered Custom
36x32Friendship Tag With Gavan! (2)
36x31Space Sheriff Gavan Arrives! (1)
36x30Messiah Shutdown
36x29Breaking into Hyperspace!
36x28Beware of Chickens!
36x27An Out of Control Combo to Escape the Labyrinth!
36x26The Tiny Enemy! Control Room SOS
36x25Pursue the Mystery of the Avatars!
36x24A Trs Bien Summer Festival
36x23The Will of the Inheritors
36x22The Beautiful Avatar: Escape
36x21Farewell, Blue Buster!
36x205 Man Concentration! Great Go-Buster
36x19My Combination! Buster Hercules
36x18Cooperative Operations 3000 Meters in the Earth
36x17Its Name Is Go-Buster Beet!
36x16The Man From Hyperspace
36x15The Golden Buster and the Silver Buddy
36x14a va? Rescue Strategy
36x13A Surprising Day Off
36x12You Like Going Undercover?
36x11The Targeted Weakpoint
36x10A Reason To Fight
36x9Usada Rescue Strategy!
36x8Protect the Machine Blueprints!
36x7Bad Maintenance on Ace?!
36x6Combine! Go-Buster-Oh
36x5Danegerous Feverish Runaway!
36x4Special Ops and Determination
36x3GT-02 Animal, Deployed!
36x2A Promise Made 13 Years Ago
36x1Special Mission Task Force, Assemble!
Сезон 35...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
35x51Farewell Space Pirates
35x50The Day of Battle
35x49The Greatest Treasure in the Universe
35x48The Fated Showdown (2)
35x47The Limits of Betrayal (1)
35x46Hero Eligibility (2)
35x45The Confused Ninja (1)
35x44A Lovely Christmas Eve
35x43To The Legendary Hero (2)
35x42The Strongest Man in the Universe (1)
35x41Something I Don't Want to Lose
35x40The Future Is In the Past
35x39Why? We're High School Students
35x38The Power to Seize Dreams
35x37The Strongest FIghting Machine
35x36Partner Pirate (2)
35x35Dimension on The Other Side (1)
35x34Dream Comes True
35x33It's a Hero!!!
35x32One Power
35x31Crash!! Secret Operations
35x30Just a Lone Friend's Soul
35x29The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination
35x28Wings Are Eternal
35x27A More Than Usual Gokai Change
35x26Shushutto The Special (2)
35x25Pirates and Ninjas (1)
35x24Foolish Earthlings
35x23Peoples' Lives are the Future of the Earth
35x22Promise From The Star
35x21The Adventurer Heart
35x20The Lost Forest
35x19Armor of the 15 Warriors
35x18The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill
35x17The Amazing Silver-Colored Man
35x16Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai!
35x15The Privateer Appears
35x14Now More Road Safety
35x13Tell Me The Way
35x12The Guaranteed Showy Samurai
35x11The Serious Rebellion
35x10Card Game
35x9Lion, Run
35x8Little Spy Tactics
35x7Niki Niki! Kenpo Lesson
35x6The Most Important Thing
35x5Judgment Pirates
35x4What Are Friends For?
35x3Changing Courage into Magic
35x2The Worth of this Planet
35x1Space Pirates Appear!
Сезон 34...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
34x50Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty
34x49Fight Towards the Future
34x48The Fighting Gosei Power
34x47The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan
34x46Gosei Knight is Targeted
34x45The Messiah is Born
34x44The Ultimate Final Battle
34x43The Empire's All-Out Attack
34x42Passionate Hyde
34x41Exploding Bonds of Friendship!
34x40Strong Alata
34x39Epic Zero
34x38Alice vs. Gosei Knight
34x37Excited Moune
34x36Run, Agri!
34x35Find the Perfect Leader!
34x34Gosei Knight Justice
34x33The Dreadful Matrintis Empire
34x32Perform the Ultimate Miracle!
34x31Never Give Up, Goseigers!
34x30Romantic Eri
34x29The Goseigers are Sealed!
34x28A Father's Treasure
34x27Wake Up Agri!
34x26The Laughing Gosei Angels
34x25Nostalgic Moune
34x24The Miracle Attack Goseigers
34x23Burn! Goseigers
34x22Over the Rainbow
34x21Elegant Eri
34x20Fall in Love Goseigers
34x19Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It
34x18The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny
34x17A New Enemy! The Yuumajuu
34x16Dynamic Alata
34x15Countdown! The Life of the Earth
34x14Birth of the Ultimate Tag!
34x13Run! The Mystic Runner
34x12The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly
34x11The Spark of Landick Power
34x10Hyde's Partner
34x9GotchaGosei Girls
34x8Runaway Gosei Power
34x7Protect the Earth!
34x6Breakout Goseigers
34x5Magical Hyde
34x4Resound, The Angel's Song
34x3Landick Power Divided
34x2Fantastic Goseigers
34x1The Gosei Angels Descend
Сезон 33...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
33x49Act 49: A Samurai Sentai Eternally
33x48Act 48: The Final Great Decisive Battle
33x47Act 47: Bonds
33x46Act 46: The Showdown Clash
33x45Act 45: The Impersonator
33x44Act 44: The Eighteenth Head of the Shiba House
33x43Act 43: One Last Sword Stroke
33x42Act 42: The Two-Hundred Year Long Ambition
33x41Act 41: The Sent Words
33x40Act 40: The General Heads to the Front Lines
33x39Act 39: First Aid, Emergency, Real Urgent
33x38Act 38: Showdown with the Rifle Squad
33x37Act 37: The Epic Glue Battle
33x36Act 36: The Curry Samurai
33x35Act 35: The Eleven Origami, The Complete Combination
33x34Act 34: Parental Love - Girl's Mind
33x33Act 33: The Great Bull King
33x32Act 32: The Bull Origami
33x31Act 31: The Dinosaur Origami
33x30Act 30: The Manipulated Academy
33x29Act 29: Runaway Paper Lantern
33x28Act 28: The Lantern Samurai
33x27Act 27: Switched Lives
33x26Act 26: Decisive Match Number One
33x25Act 25: The Dream World
33x24Act 24: The True Samurai Combination
33x23Act 23: The Rampaging Gedoushu
33x22Act 22: Lord Butler
33x21Act 21: The Father and Son Bears
33x20Act 20: Lobster Origami Transforms
33x19Act 19: Studying the Samurai Heart
33x18Act 18: Samurai Promotion
33x17Act 17: The Sushi Samurai
33x16Act 16: The Power of the Kuroko
33x15Act 15: The Imposter and the Real Deal's Arrest
33x14Act 14: The Foreign Samurai
33x13Act 13: Heavy Cries
33x12Act 12: The Very First Super Samurai Combination
33x11Act 11: A Threefold Strife
33x10Act 10: The Great Sky Combination
33x9Act 9: The Tiger's Rebellion
33x8Act 8: Brides Spirited Away
33x7Act 7: Marlin Fishing
33x6Act 6: The Abusive King
33x5Act 5: The Beetle Origami
33x4Act 4: Nightly Tears of Sympathy
33x3Act 3: An Extermination Skill Contest
33x2Act 2: The Stylish Combination
33x1Act 1: The Gallant Appearance of the Five Samurai
Сезон 32...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
32x50Grand Prix 50: Road of Justice
32x49Grand Prix 49: Last Battle
32x48Grand Prix 48: Justice Dissolution
32x47Grand Prix 47: Cabinet Remodel
32x46Grand Prix 46: Bomper Runs Away
32x45Grand Prix 45: Plans for the First Dream of the New Year
32x44Grand Prix 44: Protect the Holy Night
32x43Grand Prix 43: Year-End Cleaning
32x42Grand Prix 42: The School's Secret
32x41Grand Prix 41: Childcare Advice
32x40Grand Prix 40: Shogun Revives
32x39Grand Prix 39: Nostalgic Children
32x38Grand Prix 38: Maidens' Earnestness
32x37Grand Prix 37: Engine Banki!
32x36Grand Prix 36: Sousuke... Into Eternity
32x35Grand Prix 35: The Engines' Bond
32x34Grand Prix 34: Devil Woman
32x33Grand Prix 33: Primitive Engines
32x32Grand Prix 32: Find the Treasure
32x31Grand Prix 31: Idol Debut
32x30Grand Prix 30: Punch of Friendship
32x29Grand Prix 29: Stop Hiroto
32x28Grand Prix 28: Partner Gunpei
32x27Grand Prix 27: Granddaughter Hanto!
32x26Grand Prix 26: A Love Affair
32x25Grand Prix 25: Farewell Mother
32x24Grand Prix 24: First Smile
32x23Grand Prix 23: Berserk Hirameki
32x22Grand Prix 22: Last Wish
32x21Grand Prix 21: Those Childish Guys
32x20Grand Prix 20: Sibling Battle!?
32x19Grand Prix 19: Gunpei's True Motive
32x18Grand Prix 18: Commoner Hero
32x17Grand Prix 17: Wings of Justice
32x16Grand Prix 16: Honor Restoration
32x15Grand Prix 15: Engine Stall
32x14Grand Prix 14: Doki Doki Every Day
32x13Grand Prix 13: Full Tank of Chivalry
32x12Grand Prix 12: Sousuke Banki?!
32x11Grand Prix 11: Air Wave Jack
32x10Grand Prix 10: Depart, Alright
32x9Grand Prix 9: There Will Be A Tomorrow
32x8Grand Prix 8: The Ultimate Miracle
32x7Grand Prix 7: Partner Amigo
32x6Grand Prix 6: A Maiden's Heart
32x5Grand Prix 5: Sometimes a Mother!?
32x4Grand Prix 4: Engine Trouble
32x3Grand Prix 3: The Basics to Investigation
32x2Grand Prix 2: Reckless Fellows
32x1Grand Prix 1: Allies of Justice
Сезон 31...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
31x49Lesson 49: Zun-Zun! The Beast-Fist, for All Time
31x47Lesson 47: Pika-Pika! My Path
31x46Lesson 46: Gyawa-Gyawa Memories
31x45Lesson 45: Pikin! Showdown of Destiny
31x44Lesson 44: Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody
31x43Lesson 43: Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu
31x42Lesson 42: Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On!
31x41Lesson 41: Zushi-Zushi! No More
31x40Lesson 40: Head, Bakan! The Shocking Truth
31x39Lesson 39: Uro-Uro! The Children Don't Return
31x38Lesson 38: Biba-Biba! Another Retsu
31x37Lesson 37: Gyan-Gyan! Useless Arrangred Marriage Interview
31x36Lesson 36: Mukyu-Mukyu! The Three Kaito Sisters
31x35Lesson 35: Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Bloom
31x34Lesson 34: Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Beast Fist Giant God, Kenzan
31x33Lesson 33: Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chushingura
31x32Lesson 32: Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village
31x31Lesson 31: We Muni-Muni!
31x30Lesson 30: The Sei-Sei and Dou-Dou Woman
31x29Lesson 29: Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping
31x28Lesson 28: With Bishi-Bishi Pikin Osu!
31x27Lesson 27: Beran-Beran! Burn, Commentator
31x26Lesson 26: Mohe-Mohe! Consulting your Worries
31x25Lesson 25: Hine-Hine! Just My Violet Fierce Ki
31x24Lesson 24: Garu-Garu! What!? My Younger Brother!?
31x23Lesson 23: Gure-Gure! Sukeban Captain
31x22Lesson 22: Kyui-Kyui! Date with a Celebrity
31x21Lesson 21: Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Extreme Ki Extremely
31x20Lesson 20: Gicho-Gicho! Triangle Opposition Match
31x19Lesson 19: Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio
31x18Lesson 18: Sharkin-Kin! The Body is Strong
31x17Lesson 17: Goro-Goro! Teacher and Student Love
31x16Lesson 16: Jiri-Jiri! Confrontation Beast Hall, Extracurricular Class
31x15Lesson 15: Howa-Howa! Mama Skills
31x14Lesson 14: Netsu-Netsu! Forget the Technique
31x13Lesson 13: Shin-Shin! The Spirit's Dance
31x12Lesson 12: Zowan-Zowan! Confrontation Beast-Fist, Training Starts
31x11Lesson 11: Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament
31x10Lesson 10: Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand
31x9Lesson 9: The Kena-Kena Woman
31x8Lesson 8: Koto-Koto... Intently Koto-Koto
31x7Lesson 7: Shuba-Shuba Dancing!
31x6Lesson 6: Juwan! ...What's That?
31x5Lesson 5: Uja-Uja! What Should I Do?
31x4Lesson 4: Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom Fists
31x3Lesson 3: Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power
31x2Lesson 2: Waki-Waki! Beast-Fist Gattai!
31x1Lesson 1: Niki-Niki Fierce Beast-Fist!
31x48Lesson 48: Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Judgement
Сезон 30...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
30x49Endless Adventure Spirits
30x48The Terrifying High Priest
30x47The Box Of Despair
30x46The Dark Awakening
30x45The Strongest Wicked Demon
30x44The Hermit's Hot Spring
30x43The Dangerous Gift
30x42The Age Of The Questers
30x41The Mercurius Vessel
30x40The Western Ashu
30x39The Stone Of Prometheus
30x38The Rainbow Cloth
30x37The Showbiz World I Long For
30x36The Demons Iron Rod
30x35The God's Heart
30x34The Distant Memories
30x33The Sun Of Lemuria
30x32Secret Adventure School
30x31Flame Of The Countrys Ruin
30x30The Furious Goldewn Demon
30x29The Golden Sword
30x28The Armor Of Legend
30x27The Feng Shui Trap
30x26The Glass Slipper
30x25The Forbidden Fruit
30x24The First Cheer Drum
30x23The Dangerous Partners
30x22The Ring Of Solomon
30x21The Mallet Of Luck
30x20The Brand New Giant
30x19The Dazzling Adventurer
30x18The Man Is Still Alive
30x17The Mirror Of Ashu
30x16The Crystal Of Water
30x15The Capital Of Water
30x14The Reviving Past
30x13The Treasure Of Princess Kaguya
30x12The Pipes Of Hamelin
30x11Decisive Battle On Isolated Island
30x10The Missing Adventure Red
30x9The Ninja Of The Paper Crane
30x8The Treasure Of Atlantis
30x7The Scale Of The Salamander
30x6Cursed Fog
30x5The Perl Of The Empire
30x4Lost Vehicles
30x3The Champions Blades
30x2Dragon Thieves
30x1The Heart Of The Demon God
Сезон 29...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
29x49Return Of Legend
29x48Decisive Battle
29x47The Magic Is In You
29x46Head For The Lake
29x45Two Friends
29x44Scent Of Mother
29x43Garden Of Thorns
29x42Confrontation - Two Ultimate Gods
29x41The Teacher Of Teachers
29x40The Gorgon's Garden
29x39Contrary Brother And Sister
29x38Big Brother's Promise
29x36Divine Retribution
29x35Valley Of The Pantheon
29x34Bonds Of Courage
29x33Toward The Infershia
29x32Father's Promise
29x31The Extraordinary Demon
29x30Power Of Legend
29x28Through All Eternity...
29x27My Bonds
29x25Stolen Courage
29x24The Mentor's Risk
29x23Forbidden Magic
29x22A Date In Kyoto?
29x21Let's Go On The Magical Express
29x20Kissing A Frog
29x19Lamp Of Magic
29x18Powers United
29x17I Don't Need Your Kindness
29x16Key To The Gate
29x15The Bride's Older Brother
29x14Burning Furnace Punch
29x13It Is Mother
29x12The Mark Of Determination
29x11Night Of The Vampire
29x10If The Flowers Bloom
29x9Fire's Union Of Frienship
29x8You're Surely The Heroine
29x7Into The Dream
29x6Ruler Of Darkness
29x5The Way Of Love
29x4King Of The Demons
29x3Ride The Magical Dragon
29x2Stage 2: Bring Out Courage
29x1Stage 1: The Morning the Journey Begins
Сезон 28...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
28x50Forever Dekaranger
28x49Devil's Deka Base
28x48Fireball Succession
28x47Wild Heart , Cool Brain
28x46Proposal Panic
28x45Accidental Present
28x44Mortal Campaign
28x43Meteor Catastrophe
28x42Scale Talking
28x41Trick Room
28x40Gold Badge Education
28x39Requiem World
28x38Cycling Bomb
28x37Hard Boiled License
28x36Mother Universe
28x35Unsolved Case
28x34Celeb Game
28x33SWAT Mode On
28x32Discipline March
28x31Princess Training
28x30Gal Hazard
28x29Mirror Revenger
28x28Alienizer Returns
28x27Funky Prisoner
28x26Cool Passion
28x25Witness Grandma
28x24Cutie Negotiator
28x23Brave Emotion
28x22Full Throttle Elite
28x21Mad Brothers
28x20Running Hero
28x19Fake Blue
28x18Samurai Go West
28x17Twin Cam Angel
28x16Giant Destroyer
28x15Android Girl
28x14Please Boss!
28x13High Noon Dog Fight
28x12Baby-Sitter Syndrome
28x11Pride Sniper
28x10Trust Me
28x9Stakeout Trouble
28x8Rainbow Vision
28x7Silent Telepathy
28x6Green Mystery
28x5Buddy Murphy
28x4Cyber Dive
28x3Perfect Blue
28x2Robo Impact
28x1Fireball Newcomer
Сезон 27...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
27x50Abare Is Equal To Number
27x49Breaking In! Abare Final Decisive Battle
27x48Final Abare Game
27x47Five Abaranger
27x46Pray! Abare Visual System
27x45As It Open, It Is Abare Rumba
27x44Is The Abare All A Salaryman's Dream?
27x43Abare Killer Is Immortal?!
27x42That Thing Hidden In The Abare Kid
27x41Keep Going! Abare Father Part 3
27x40Keep Going! Abare Father Part 2
27x39Keep Going! Abare Father Part 1
27x38Birth And Abare Pink
27x37Wonderful Abare Queen Part 2
27x36Wonderful Abare Queen Part 1
27x35Like Abare Nadesco, Seven Changes!
27x34Game Start! Charge Abare Star
27x33Never Forget The Abare Soldier
27x32Full Throttle
27x31That Abare, The Ultimate Luck!
27x30Most Terrible! Abaren Vorian Organization
27x29Willful Disciple, Abare Battle
27x28Abaren Bride
27x27Abare Blue Turns Into Abare Red
27x26The Abaren Fishing Log
27x25Bring Luck! Abare Horse Painting
27x24Abare High School Girls, Really?
27x23Abare Broadcast Dogyuun!
27x22Little Girls' Abare Song
27x21Abare In Love! Kirokiro
27x20Killer-Oh, Abare First Formation
27x19Nice To Meet You, Abare-Buddy!
27x18Who Is It? Abare Killer!
27x17The Battlefield's Abare Strut
27x16Naught But Demons Abare World
27x15Ride! Abare Surfing!
27x14Excavation Of Abare Saurus
27x13The Abare Samurai Topknot!
27x12The Abare Saw Cuts Kyoto!
27x11Abare Psychic. Oink.
27x10Abare Survivor
27x9The Abare Leaguer Is Paralyzed
27x8WAKE UP! Abare Survivor!
27x7Abare Baby Exploding Dinosaur!
27x6Abare Idol Aged Daughter
27x5Abare Cure! Bubububuum!
27x4Completed! The Secret Abare Base
27x3Children's Hero Abare System
27x2Birth! Abareno
27x1Abare Dinosaur Great Attack
Сезон 26...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
26x51Scroll 51: Wind, Water and Earth
26x50Scroll 50: The Darkness and a New World
26x49Scroll 49: The Mission and the Sky Ninja
26x48Scroll 48: The Trap and the Eternal Life
26x47Scroll 47: The Seal and Space Unification
26x46Scroll 46: New Year's Meal and the Three Giants
26x45Scroll 45: The Refuge and Spring Cleaning
26x44Scroll 44: Her Majesty and the Misfortune Fan Beast
26x43Scroll 43: The Greatest Union and the Big Clash
26x42Scroll 42: The Armor and the Raging Arrow
26x41Scroll 41: The Medal and the Comedian
26x40Scroll 40: The Decoy and Ninja Law
26x39Scroll 39: The Seventh Spear and the Mysterious Stone
26x38Scroll 38: The Demon Sword and the Balloons
26x37Scroll 37: The Third Spear and the Great Escape
26x36Scroll 36 - Ring and Revenge
26x35Scroll 35: The Flash and the Three-String
26x34Scroll 34: The Mushroom and 100 Points
26x33Scroll 33: The Mammoth and the Six Ninjas
26x32Scroll 32: The Grim Reaper and the Final Secret
26x31Scroll 31: Meteors and the Three Wolves
26x30Scroll 30: The Idol and Friendship
26x29Scroll 29: The Lingering Heat of Summer and the Stamp
26x28Scroll 28: Hurrier and the Counterattack
26x27Scroll 27: Grilled Meat and Zero Gravity
26x26Scroll 26: Bow and Arrow and Swimming in the Sea
26x25Scroll 25: The Ghost and the Schoolgirl
26x24Scroll 24: Drums and the Lightning
26x23Scroll 23: Cologne and the Great Detective
26x22Scroll 22: Wings and Ninjas
26x21Scroll 21: Masks and Riddles
26x20Scroll 20: The Punch and the Rival
26x19Scroll 19: The Big Box and the Wind-Thunder Giant
26x18Scroll 18: Father and Sons' Bonds
26x17Scroll 17: The Darkness and the Island of Death-Bouts
26x16Scroll 16: The Mist and the Prediction Device
26x15Scroll 15: The Giant Waterbug and the Contest
26x14Scroll 14: Crybaby and the Candy
26x13Scroll 13: Mustache and the Wedding Ring
26x12Scroll 12: The Steel Frame and Father/Daughter
26x11Scroll 11: Dream Eating and A New Beginning
26x10Scroll 10: The Thunder God and the Ruined Valley
26x9Scroll 9: Thunder Brothers and the Hourglass
26x8Scroll 8: Wind and Thunder
26x7Scroll 7: Thunder and Ninjas
26x6Scroll 6: Scissors and Kunoichi
26x5Scroll 5: The Chief and the Bath
26x4Scroll 4: Tunnel and Siblings
26x3Scroll 3: Sixty Seconds and the Impostor
26x2Scroll 2: Giant and Mecha
26x1Scroll 1: Wind and Ninjas
Сезон 25...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
25x51The 100 Beasts Growl!!
25x50The 100 Beasts Die
25x49The Matrix Closes
25x48Those Guys Are Being Resurrected
25x47The Steam Engine Blast Race!
25x46New Year's Day Is Under Attack
25x45Battling Until The End
25x44Gao's Rock Falls
25x43The Lion Is Scorching Hot
25x42The Org Ninja Invasion!
25x41Becoming Santa
25x40Sky Island Is Dying
25x39The God Is Taking Away
25x38Spirit Of The Deceased King's Peak Deciding Battle
25x37Yaba-iba Burns
25x36The Soldiers Dance
25x35The 100-Beasts Blade Is Pillaged!!
25x34The Strong Org Weeps!!
25x33The Boy Is Praying
25x32The Three Heads Are Devouring
25x31The 100 Beasts Task Force Is Annihilated
25x30The Full Moon Is Killing The Wolf!
25x29The Deer Is Healing
25x28Secrets Bequeathed!!
25x27The Young Bird Is Sulking
25x26Loki's Alive Again
25x25The Third Demon Princess Arrives
25x24The Silver Wolf Flashes
25x23Loki Dies?!
25x22The Big Bison Breaks!!
25x21Loki Is Confused
25x20The Captured Sorceress
25x19The Iron Bison Quits!?
25x18The Magic Beasts Are Armed!!
25x17The Disappearance Phenomenon...
25x16The Magic Flute Blows!!
25x15The Demon Howls!!
25x14The Soul Bird Is Screaming
25x13The Baby's First Cry Is Frozen
25x12Which Is The Genuine Article!?
25x11Father Journeys To The Capital
25x10The Moon Is Beckoning!!
25x9The Twins Are Smiling
25x8The Dog Runs!!
25x7Recalling A Dream!!
25x6The Bison Is Yearning!!
25x5The Mountain Is Shaking!!
25x4The Pair That Never Give Up!
25x3The Wild Eagle Is Vanishing!!
25x2The Spirit King Arises!!
25x1The Lion Roars!!
Сезон 24...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
24x50To An Infinite Tomorrow
24x49Beyond A Thousand Years
24x48Return To The Future
24x47The End Of Don
24x46The Future's Alienation
24x45The End Of Tomorrow Research?!
24x44Revolt Against Time
24x43An Order To Revise History
24x42The Metal Destroyer
24x41Revelation Of The Prophet
24x40Ayase Withdraws?!
24x39A Lie Soaked In Rain
24x38Pleasant Dreams
24x37Aimed At Power
24x36Stay In Your True Face
24x35Tomorrow Isn't Coming
24x33Little Lady
24x32Help The Criminal
24x31Lost Idea Game
24x30Register Fire's Cry
24x29The New Warrior Of Fire
24x28Meeting Time
24x27Little Hometown
24x26Countdown Of Trust
24x25Broken Trust
24x24Yellow, And Sometimes Blue
24x23Beat Up
24x22Amorous Temptation
24x21Sion's Way
24x20The Bond Becomes New
24x19Rider's Banquet
24x18Premonition Of Shadow
24x17Nejireta Seiken
24x16A Dream Of Noodles
24x15Case File 15: Search for the Sniper
24x14Case File 14: Dead Heat
24x13Case File 13: Battle Casino
24x12Case File 12: Wish Upon A Star
24x11Case File 11: Death-Fight Town
24x10Case File 10: The Escape to Tomorrow
24x9Case File 9: The Don's Depression
24x8Case File 8: An Explosion In The Arts
24x7Case File 7: Domon Hospitalized
24x6Case File 6: The Fabricated Invitee
24x5Case File 5: The Third Combination
24x4Case File 4: The Hostage is an Alien
24x3Case File 3: Acceleration of Dreams
24x2Case File 2: The Unseen Future
24x1Case File 1: The Time Fugitives
Сезон 23...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
23x50Burning Rescue Spirits
23x49Awakening! 2 Great Destruction Gods
23x48Showdown In The Saima Palace
23x47The Dark King! Compensating Revival
23x46The Flame Throwing Fire Fighter Robot
23x45The Year's First Dream Is A Saima Melody
23x44Rescue File 99
23x43The Terrible Saima Tree
23x42The Saima Demon Corps Of Hell
23x41Matoi Is A Defeated Man
23x400 Seconds Before Base Destruction
23x39Breaking The Infinity Chain!
23x38The Infinity Chain And A Grandchild And Persimmons
23x37A Beautiful Saima Demon!?
23x36Mystery! The Falling Tornado
23x35Trap Of The Black Snake
23x34Death From Self Destruction
23x33Baby-sitting A Saima Warrior
23x32Wedding Bells
23x31The Cutting Edge Saima Zone!
23x30Take It Out! The Dark Black Planet
23x29Premonition Of The Starry Sky
23x28Stolen Boy!
23x27Yellow Departs The War Front
23x26Birth Of The Fire Dragon Prince
23x25The Great Witch's Hour Of Descent
23x24Little Children Rescue Soldiers
23x23Apparition Extrication Operation
23x22The Dark King, Last Decisive Battle!
23x21The New 6th Soldier!
23x20The Immortal Rescue Spirit
23x19Perfect Defeat
23x18The Counterattacking V-Lancers!
23x17Matoi's Bridal Candidate
23x16The Saima Egg Thief
23x15The Infant Demon Drop's Sortie
23x14Be Afraid Of The Virus
23x13Younger Siblings' Rebellion
23x12Do-or-die Spirit Of The New Gestalt
23x11Scorching Heat Of The 2 Great Saima Beasts
23x10Yellow's Pride
23x9Robbery Of Capabilities
23x8Rescue Squadron Activity Suspended
23x7The Beautiful Saima Woman
23x6The Mold Cometh
23x5Time To Become A Hero
23x4Flowers In Abnormal Weather
23x3Explosive Brotherly Love!
23x2The Saima Clan Tornado
23x1Rescue Soldiers! Rise Up
Сезон 22...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
22x50The Legends Of Tomorrow
22x49Miracle of The Mountain
22x48Mooku's Final Moments
22x47The Device Of The Devil
22x46Winds Of Hatred
22x45The Fairy's Tears
22x44The Demon-Beast Of The Earth
22x43The Footprints Of Legends
22x42The Horrible Demon-Beast
22x41Revival Of The Demon-Beast
22x40The Demon's Grief
22x39Massaging of The Heart
22x38Hyuuga's Decision
22x37Pucrate's Treachery
22x36The Invincible Haruhiko
22x35Gouki's Choice
22x34The Invulnerable Illness
22x33Saya Is Adored
22x32The Manuevering Grounds of Friendship
22x31The Stone Curse
22x30The Steel Star-Beasts
22x29The Merchant of Darkness
22x28Papa's Sudden Change
22x27The Mummy's Allure
22x26The Brothers of Flame
22x25Decision Of The Black Knight
22x24Budoo's Spite
22x23Struggle's End
22x22The Appearance Of Light
22x21The Ordeal of Tomatoes
22x20The One-Man Battle
22x19The Knight Of Revenge
22x18The Mysterious Black Knight
22x17True Courage
22x16Homeland of The Heart
22x15The Hiccup of Terror
22x14The Two Sayas
22x13The Counterattacking Juugekibou
22x12Reunion of Nightmare
22x11A Warrior's Pure Heart
22x10Flute Of The Wind
22x9The Secret Kitten
22x8The Cooking of Love
22x7Time of Revival
22x6Peril Of The Star-Beasts
22x5The Deadly Kiba
22x3Wisdom Of The Earth
22x2Second Coming Of The Star-Beasts
22x1Chapter One: The Legendary Swords
22x4Grounding Of The Heart
Сезон 21...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
21x51Grab Them! Our Diplomas
21x50Grandiose! The Scorching Hot Super Warrior Yugande
21x49Despair! Everyone Hates Us!?
21x48Crush Them! Hinelar's Dark Desires
21x47Plunge In! The Terrifying Hinelar City
21x46Stop it! The Boat to Hell
21x45Stubborn! Hinelar's Big Strike Back
21x44Take it Easy! Kenta's New Year's Eve Panic
21x43Don't Lose! The Climactic Battle is on Christmas Eve
21x42Shake Them Off! The Evil Pursuers
21x41Snapped! The Blue Terror NejiBlue
21x40How Scary! The Bad Women
21x39Exposed! MegaRed's Identity
21x38Shudder! Nejirejia's Evil Sentai
21x37Why? Chisato Has an Old Man's Voice
21x36Take Off! The Wings of Hope Dancing in Space
21x35Overcome It! MegaSilver's Greatest Crisis
21x34Let Me Show You! Big Bro's Miracle Shoot
21x33Joy! A Girlfriend from the Moon
21x32Are We Finished!? It Looks Bleak for GalaxyMega
21x31Stop Him! Gileel is Out of Control
21x30Explosion! Friendship Combination
21x29I Want to Lose Weight! Miku's Suspicious Diet
21x28Throw Up Your Hands! The Explosive Granny Whirlwind
21x27Destroy Them! The Devil Corals of Death
21x26Is it True!? The End of Nejirejia
21x25Cutting it Close! 2.5 Minute Time Limit
21x24Running Solo! The Silver New Face
21x23Why! My Egg is a Nejire Beast
21x22Escape! The Devil's Labyrinth
21x21Now! Life-Gambling Super Gattai
21x20We're Counting on You! New Robo DeltaMega
21x19Hit It! The Indomitable Killer Punch
21x18I'll Protect It! The Mysterious Boy's Forest
21x17Isn't It Too Awesome!? Super Miku is Doing Fantastically
21x16This is Freaking Bad! Will We Die?
21x15See Through It! The Genius High School's Trick
21x14Shock! My Neighbor is from Nejirejia
21x13Dokidoki! The Teacher is Like the Wind
21x12What Trouble! Our Good-For-Nothing Teacher
21x11Danger! The Temptation of the Red Rose
21x10Farewell! Sad Android
21x9Expose It! The Fiend Within the CD
21x8Like I'll Lose! Turn it Around with Teamwork
21x7What Is It? Annoying Stalker Girl
21x6We Did It! Out-of-Control DigiTank
21x5Finish It! This Is A Secret Move Battle!
21x4Smash! Shiborena's Trap
21x3You've Got to Be Kidding Me!? A Humongous Nejire Beast
21x2Check It Out! Our Galaxy Mega!
21x1Unforgivable! The Twisted Invaders!
Сезон 20...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
20x48Forever Fighting for Traffic Safety!!
20x47Go for Broke!? The Do-or-Die Drive to Space
20x46Immediate Revocation of Transformation Power!
20x45The True Starting Line of Love
20x44The Indomitable Wacky Race Chase!
20x43Merry Carmagic Christmas!!
20x42All Engines Stalling! Giant Robots in Peril!!
20x41The Biker Lord's Terrifying Fuel Check
20x40Naniwhat the Heck! A Scramble Crossing Robo!?
20x39The Highway-Loving Space Pet
20x38Safe to Back Up!? The Imo-Ykan Lifestyle
20x37The Deadly Intergalactic Highway Operation
20x36Operation: Clean Up the Mystery Exhaust
20x35The Traitorous Signal Fiend
20x34The Matchmaking Girl Who Jumped the Queue
20x33Awaken! Racing Dapp
20x32Wrong Way RV Robo!
20x31Full Model Change! VRV Robo
20x30A Crashing Debut! The Working Vehicles!!
20x29An Unforeseeable Monster Accident!!
20x28Farewell, Signal Friend!!
20x27The Crossroads of Job Transfer...
20x26Non-Stop Weapon Delivery
20x25The Mystery Girl Who Jumped the Queue!
20x24Jump Start?! A New Leader!
20x23Overheating for a Princess!
20x22A Tragic Traffic Rule Obsession
20x21The GPS to End All GPS
20x20The Sweetest Cars in Race-tory!!
20x19The Hit-and-Run Lover!
20x18Lying Heart Maintenance
20x17A Head-on Fashion Collision!
20x16Caution: Evil Schemes Ahead!
20x15Loving Under a Provisional License
20x14Full Speed Ahead to Lightning Hell
20x13Move Out, My Beloved Emergency Vehicle!
20x12The Signal Jerk from Outer Space
20x11The Rage of Weight Allowance Exceeded
20x10The Great Reversal!! Bicycle Training
20x9U-Turn to the Stars
20x8I Don't Have the Transformation Brace
20x7Blue is Prohibited Entry?!
20x6We Are... One-Way Traffic
20x5Racing Formation, Up Ahead!
20x4A Red Light To Enlarging
20x3The Beginner's Mark of Justice
20x2Dancing Noise Pollution
20x1Fighting for Traffic Safety!
Сезон 19...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
19x48Heroes of Love!
19x47Rise! Shine! Be Reborn!!
19x46Earth's Final Day!!
19x45Destruction!! The Chriki Base
19x44The World's Greatest Beauty
19x43Seven Transformations Are the Key
19x42The Sentai's Public Execution!!
19x41A Dangerous Pair!!
19x40The Mysterious Princess Appears!
19x39The Prince Dies In A Duel
19x38A Majin's Life Isn't Easy
19x37I Am Gunmajin
19x36Direct Fart Attack!!
19x35A Violent Explosive Jerk
19x34The Emperor's Final Challenge
19x335 Robot Rampage
19x32The Terrifying School Nightmare
19x31Door-to-Door Diet
19x30The World's A-Snooze!
19x29Dance! The Invasion Cram School!!
19x28Behold! The Miracle Fortress!
19x27The King's Gallant Debut
19x26The 600 Million Year Old Boy Warrior
19x25The One-Shot Festival Match
19x24The Laughing Man of Nostalgia!!
19x23The Last Swimsuit...
19x22The Secret Combination Order!!
19x21The Storm-Calling Kendama
19x20100 Iron Punches!!
19x19New Robot: Red Shock!
19x18A Father's Unusual Love
19x17The Stolen Transformation Brace
19x16Naughty!! The Future Boy
19x15My Friend! Rest in Passion!!
19x14I Love You, Pinocchio!
19x13Mirage! The Dog of the Gods
19x12Explosion!! Baby
19x11Submit! The Refrigerator of Love
19x10Here I Am! I'sa Burglar!
19x9Out of Nowhere!! A Traitor!
19x8Clash!! Super Giant Battle!
19x7Complete!! The Chriki Robot!
19x6Fearsome Foe! A Thinking Machine
19x5Fierce Love!! The Burning Brothers
19x4Bizarre!! Papa is an Iron Man
19x3Crisis! Secret of the Chriki
19x2Assemble!! Chriki Sentai!
19x1Invasion! 1999
Сезон 18...
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18x52Resolution: Father and Child
18x51Hero Failure
18x50A Special Honor: The Yokai Inn
18x49Sudden Poverty!!
18x48The Great Yukionna's Snowball Fight
18x47100 Human Fireworks
18x46New Year's Manga Hell
18x45The Hasty Santa!
18x44Our Battered, Broken Counterattack
18x43The Heavenly Triad's Final Day
18x42Ninja Power Hijacked!
18x41Stray Ghosts
18x40A Modern Kitsune Battle
18x39It's a Very Special Episode!!
18x38Moo! What a Bad Cow!
18x37Karakasa Dance Queen!
18x36The Wild Ninja!!
18x35The Punishment Sisters!
18x34The Bride's Sand Trap!!
18x33The Village of Amanojaku
18x32We'll Lick You Good, Face Thief
18x31Look! That's Our New Shogun!
18x30Reunion With A Traitorous Father
18x29The First Super Battle in History
18x28A Superstar Comes to Japan!!
18x27The End of Mighty Shogun
18x26The Great Secret of House Tsuruhime
18x25A New Journey Begins!
18x24Ah, the End of Act I
18x23The Shocking Appearance of the Enormous White Bird!!
18x22Laugh For Me
18x21Monkey See, Monkey Finisher
18x20The Flower Kunoichi Gang!!
18x19The Deadly Trap in the Darkness
18x18Hello, Mushroom Kid!
18x17The Demon Sword and Underpants!!
18x16Red Monkey Slays the Ogre
18x15Yech! These Guys Are Tough!
18x14I Am the Young Prince!!
18x13Get Lost, Bad Luck!
18x12The New Juusho Appear!
18x11Rags Over All!!
18x10The Old Man Who Cries Like a Baby
18x9An Enthralling Live Performance
18x8The Bakeneko Shop!!
18x7What a Big Guy
18x6The Eyeball Prince!
18x5The Odd Couple's Curious Game
18x4The Yokai Policeman
18x3American Ninja
18x2A Dangerous Lady
18x1Ninjas We Are!
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17x50Let's Go!
17x49The Final Showdown
17x48Death of the Heroic Master!!
17x47The Amazing Truth
17x46The Heroes Are Stark Naked
17x45Disbanding For Real!!
17x44Touching!! You'll Cry, Too!
17x43Forbidden Past is Revealed
17x42A Straight Line to Mom
17x41Kujaku's Great Ascension
17x40Farewell! 3 Stooges
17x39The Demon Fist Falls in the Setting Sun
17x38Huh!! A Ceasefire!?
17x37You Have to See It!! Enormous One
17x36A 6,000-Year Grudge...
17x35New Secret Art, the Dance of Spiders
17x34A Prickly Maiden Hunt
17x33An Idol's First Experience
17x32Demon with the Golden Kick
17x31Another Hero Comes Forth
17x30The Deadly, Fast-Talking Wanderer
17x29The Secret Inside Story of a Mother and Child's Tears
17x28Everyone's Here!!
17x27It's the Final Punch