Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast

/16.10.2014/60 мин
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In Midnight Feast, New York's Chelsea Market sets the stage for a late-night culinary showdown between some of the hottest chefs in the country. In each episode of Midnight Feast, three professional chefs are given exclusive, after-hours access to Chelsea Market, and will have free rein to use any ingredient found in the famous food hall. From creating the ultimate feast they would want to consume on their last night on earth to whipping up a dish they think will guarantee a "successful" evening of romance to creating inventive meals that are meant to be eaten without silverware–viewers will see the chefs execute a range of creative dishes.By the end of the night, the winner walks away with a cash prize, ten times the total value of their ingredients used – while the losers walk away paying their own tabs. With access to some of the finest food items in the world, each chef must weigh their desire to use the most expensive and exotic ingredients against the risk of picking up an outlandish bill. Chef and restaurateur, Spike Mendelsohn, serves as host and head judge. Kat Odell, editorial producer of eater.com, and John DeLucie, chef and restaurateur, also serve as judges.

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