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Расписание серий 2020 сезона...
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2020x220 Weird Clubs That Actually Exist
2020x118 Weird & Wonderful Holidays To Celebrate in The New Year
Расписание серий 2019 сезона...
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2019x26100 Interesting Facts We Learned in 2019
2019x2526 Facts About Fossils
2019x24Everything You Need To Know About Online Shopping
2019x23Debunking 18 Thanksgiving Myths
2019x22Everything You Need To Know About Weddings
2019x2128 Facts About Theodore Roosevelt
2019x20The Real Origins of 20 Scary Stories
2019x19Everything You Need To Know About Budgets
2019x1824 Facts About ASMR "In" ASMR
2019x1730 Harry Potter Spells and Word Origins
2019x1632 Ways School 100 Years Ago Was Different
2019x1522 Weird Old Jobs From 100 Years Ago
2019x1432 Witness Protection Program Facts
2019x1322 Solar System Facts
2019x1221 Defunct Disney Rides and Lands
2019x1131 Facts About Sharks
2019x1035 Lesser-Known Inventions of Famous Inventors
2019x9Everything You Need to Know About Tourism
2019x8Only Humans Have Chins and More Facts About the Human Body
2019x7The Declaration of Independence and Other Amazing Yard Sale Finds
2019x6Cocaine, Chloroform, and Other Old-Timey Medical Cures
2019x531 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Game of Thrones
2019x4Dogs Don’t See in Black and White and Other Animal Myths, Debunked
2019x317 Signs That You’d Qualify as a Witch in the 1600s
2019x2Antioxidant, Moonwalking and 98 Other Words Turning 100 This Year
2019x119 Common Things Science Hasn’t Figured Out
Расписание серий 2018 сезона...
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2018x22Everything You Need to Know about the Holidays
2018x21Everything You Need to Know about Space
2018x20Cooking Facts and Life Hacks!
2018x19Beer Facts and Life Hacks!
2018x18Spooky Halloween Facts!
2018x17Everything You Didn’t Know About Paper!
2018x16Many Things You Never Knew About Money and Game Shows!
2018x15The Surprising History of School!
2018x14Dialing Up onto the 2000s Internet! - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x13Grizzly Bears, Chicago Bears, and Gummi Bears! Oh My!
2018x12The Surprising History of Las Vegas and the Rat Pack!
2018x11Everything You Need to Know About Modern Day Marvels
2018x10Summer Facts and Life Hacks!
2018x9Dogs Can Smell Fear! And Other Dog Facts
2018x8TV Moms, Animal Kingdom Moms, and Mother's Day! - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x7The Little-Known Lives of the Women in Classic Hollywood - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x6Coffee Facts and Life Hacks! - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x5The Behind the Scenes Secrets of Shopping Malls - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x4Everything You Need to Know About English and Other Languages! - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x3The Surprising Stories of Sesame Street - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x2Valentine's Day - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
2018x1The Olympics - Mental Floss Scatterbrained
Расписание серий 2017 сезона...
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2017x24500 Facts
2017x2321 Things that Turned 21 This Year (2017)
2017x2224 Facts about Koalas
2017x2127 Words that Totally Changed Meanings
2017x2029 Facts about European Royalty
2017x1930 Origins of Alcohol Brand Names
2017x1826 Facts about Libraries
2017x1726 Facts about Lego Bricks
2017x1626 Wild West Facts
2017x1531 Facts about National Parks
2017x1433 Facts about Famous Landmarks
2017x1334 Historical Fashion Facts
2017x1229 States with Weird Nicknames for their Residents
2017x1139 Facts about Poets
2017x1041 Facts about Unique Architecture
2017x930 Interesting Facts about the Ocean
2017x831 Explosive Facts about Volcanoes
2017x727 Facts about Clowns
2017x629 Interesting Archaeological Discoveries
2017x528 Facts about the History of Makeup
2017x428 Facts about Internet Sensations
2017x324 Scientific Studies about Food
2017x238 Facts about NASA
2017x125 Facts about Fitness
Расписание серий 2016 сезона...
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2016x5027 Things You Might Not Know about Star Wars
2016x4921 Things That Turned 21 in 2016
2016x4816 Myths about Blindness
2016x4727 Amazing Accomplishments of Elderly People
2016x4639 U.S. City Name Origins
2016x4528 Things You Didn't Know about the Beatles
2016x4426 Scientific Studies about Animals
2016x4325 Halloween Life Hacks
2016x4226 Facts about the Science of Family
2016x4129 Spin-Offs that Almost Happened
2016x4044 Fun Facts about Birds
2016x3970 Bizarre Facts about Historical Figures
2016x3831 Weird Discontinued Products
2016x3730 Facts about Jane Austen
2016x3626 Facts about Magic
2016x3525 Parenting Life Hacks
2016x3416 Misconceptions About Football
2016x3346 Odd and Surprising Stats and Figures
2016x3239 More Facts about the Olympics
2016x3134 Facts about Olympic History
2016x3039 Facts about the Middle Ages
2016x2926 Things that Inspired Movies
2016x2825 Amazing Nerdcations
2016x2726 Fourth of July Facts
2016x2639 Fun Museum Facts
2016x2541 Facts about Vegetables
2016x2421 Famous Homes with Amazing Features
2016x2322 Ridiculous Exercise Trends
2016x2231 Facts about Music Festivals
2016x2127 Siblings of Famous Historical Figures
2016x2025 Facts About The Indy 500
2016x1921 Jobs Your Guidance Counselor Didn't Mention
2016x1832 Facts about New York City
2016x1736 Facts about Tea
2016x1627 Facts about James Bond
2016x1521 Weird Wedding Traditions
2016x1438 Facts about the Internet
2016x1335 Facts about Rock Bands
2016x1230 Facts about Bob Ross
2016x1137 Bizarre Podcasts
2016x1023 Facts about U.S. Cash
2016x926 Facts about the Science of Friendship
2016x830 Post-Fame Careers of Celebrities and Athletes
2016x737 Ways you Might be Weird
2016x626 Facts about the Science of Love
2016x515 Facts about Coffee
2016x430 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 4
2016x324 Historical Inaccuracies in Disney Movies
2016x232 Facts about Body Language
2016x129 Facts about Dinosaurs
Расписание серий 2015 сезона...
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2015x5221 Things That Turned 21 This Year (2015 edition)
2015x5125 Holiday Film facts
2015x5026 Facts about Romantic Comedies
2015x4925 Facts about the Science of Music
2015x4837 Facts about Fruit
2015x4752 Facts about Popular Cities
2015x4631 Genius Facts about Jim Henson
2015x4524 Facts about Wine
2015x4426 Things You Didn't Know about Barbie
2015x4322 Horror Movie Facts
2015x4241 Fascinating Sports Facts
2015x4122 Brain Facts
2015x4024 Ridiculous Lawsuits
2015x3926 Fun Facts about Money
2015x3828 Interesting Facts about Inventors
2015x3724 Facts about Musicals
2015x3633 Unusual Old Remedies
2015x3528 Unusual Political Parties
2015x3431 Amazing Facts about Household Items
2015x3321 Failed Inventions
2015x3222 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories
2015x3125 Historic Heists
2015x3025 Things You Didn't Know About Dreams
2015x2927 Facts About Maps
2015x2724 Unexpected Things Aboard Cruise Ships
2015x2627 Weird World Records
2015x2514 Facts about Parasites
2015x2424 Food Origins
2015x2324 Strange Scientific Studies
2015x2223 Weird Celebrity Businesses
2015x2130 Strange Scholarships
2015x2020 Facts About The Muppets (feat. The Muppets!)
2015x1925 Towns that Changed Names
2015x18101 (More) Amazing Facts
2015x1720 Facts About Abraham Lincoln (And His Family)
2015x1621 Fandom Facts
2015x1531 Facts about Pigs
2015x1430 Facts about Chocolate
2015x1314 Ways Technology has Made our Lives Better
2015x1216 Shampoo Facts (Incl. Why There's Silicone In Your Shampoo!)
2015x1151 Astounding Animal Facts
2015x1023 Bad Business Moves
2015x930 Weird Apps
2015x843 Words Invented by Authors
2015x780 Facts about the '80s
2015x623 Weird Awards
2015x530 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 3
2015x417 Crazy Hair Myths (incl. Can a MARCHING BAND cause HAIR LOSS?!)
2015x324 Origins of Cheese Names
2015x226 Fascinating Founding Fathers Facts
2015x130 Stories from Behind the Scenes of Blockbusters
Расписание серий 2014 сезона...
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2014x5321 Things That Turned 21 This Year
2014x5231 Things You Didn't Know About Holiday Songs
2014x5113 Inventions and Innovations Creating a Better Future for Women
2014x5016 Innovative Origins of Holiday Traditions
2014x4990 Facts about the '90s
2014x4825 Hair-Raising Facts About Hair
2014x4726 Little Things That Changed History Forever
2014x4616 Holiday Life Hacks
2014x4523 Thanksgiving Food Facts
2014x4462 Last Name Meanings
2014x4325 Things You Might Not Know about Harry Potter
2014x4223 Money Tips for Any Occasion
2014x4126 Not-So-Scary Facts About Halloween
2014x4029 Dumb Facts About Dessert
2014x3930 Unusual Wills
2014x38100 Amazing Facts
2014x3714 Money Saving Life Hacks
2014x3629 Early Sports Rules
2014x3535 Jobs That No Longer Exist
2014x3436 Facts About Cats
2014x3340 Tremendous College Traditions
2014x3225 Famous People Who Were Once Interns
2014x3126 Amusing Facts About Amusement Parks
2014x3030 Weird Sports Injuries
2014x2933 Amazing Toy Facts
2014x2826 Unusual Occupations
2014x2727 Unbelievable Local Traditions
2014x2641 Facts About Dogs
2014x2520 Misconceptions About Sex
2014x2446 Facts About the First Ladies
2014x2329 Weird Museums
2014x2239 Facts About Comedy
2014x2183 Old Slang Phrases We Should Bring Back
2014x2026 Famous Art Heists
2014x1947 Charming Facts About Children's Books
2014x1848 Successful People With Unique Hobbies
2014x1760 Regional Foods You Shouldn't Eat Anywhere Else
2014x1632 Car Name Meanings
2014x1518 Famous People Who Are Missing Body Parts
2014x1428 Birthday Traditions From Around the World
2014x1327 Fun Facts About Fun
2014x1244 Facts About the U.S. Presidents
2014x1121 Mind-Blowing Now-Extinct Lifeforms
2014x1026 Outrageous Truths About Children's Television
2014x927 AMAZING Facts About Comics
2014x815 Inaccuracies Found In Common Science Illustrations
2014x750 Interesting Facts About The 50 State Capitals
2014x640 Weird Word Origins
2014x529 Misconceptions About Alcohol
2014x450 More Facts About the 50 States
2014x333 Fun Facts About 33 Colleges
2014x233 Fascinating Songwriting Stories
2014x130 (more) Life Hacks Debunked
Расписание серий 2013 сезона...
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2013x4038 Bizarre Items Dropped on New Year's Eve
2013x3927 Winter Holiday Tradition Origins
2013x3826 Interesting Facts About Beer
2013x3730 Game Changing Video Games
2013x3625 Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving
2013x3524 Unintended Scientific Discoveries
2013x3426 Bizarre College Classes
2013x3332 Superstition Origins
2013x3238 Sweet Facts About Candy
2013x3123 Unusual Animals
2013x3030 Life Hacks Debunked
2013x2942 Idiom Origins
2013x2755 Unfortunately Unfinished Films
2013x2648 Names for Things You Didn't Know Had Names
2013x25107 Regional Slang Words
2013x2827 Drinks Made From Coffee
2013x2426 Unfortunate Celebrity Arrests
2013x2328 Foods Named After People
2013x2237 Odd College Mascots
2013x2179 Common Mispronunciations
2013x2026 Weird Animal Mating Habits
2013x1944 Fictional Character Names Revealed
2013x1850 Science Misconceptions
2013x1750 Great Facts About The 50 States
2013x1626 Alcoholic Drinks
2013x15Death! 41 Historic Demises
2013x14Micromorts: Your Guide to Living Longer
2013x1331 Strange Medical Conditions
2013x1249 Hoaxes People Actually Believed
2013x1150 Common Misquotation
2013x1036 Unusual Units of Measurement
2013x938 Common Spelling and Grammar Errors
2013x841 Undomestic, Domesticated Animals
2013x756 Acronyms and Initialisms
2013x631 Kissing Cousins
2013x550 Weird Laws
2013x4Cereal Quiz!
2013x345 Odd Facts About US Presidents
2013x235 Facts About Mr. Fred Rogers
2013x150 Common Misconceptions
Расписание спецэпизодов...
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specialWhat's the history of lawn mowing? - Big Questions
specialWhy did we stop going to the moon? - Big Questions
specialDo you need to wash food before eating it? - Big Questions
specialIs there an explanation for déjà vu? - Big Questions
specialWhy do we close our eyes when we sneeze? - Big Questions
specialDo hats cause balding? - Big Questions
specialWhy aren't there "B" batteries? - Big Questions
specialHow does ghost hunting technology work? - Big Questions
specialWhy do traffic jams occur? - Big Questions
specialWhy are there 24 hours in a day? - Big Questions
specialWhat's the origin of fireworks? - Big Questions
specialWhat's a brain freeze? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Sharks
specialWhy do some countries drive on the left and some on the right? - Big Questions
specialWhere did emojis come from? - Big Questions
specialWhat makes hair naturally straight or curly? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Sports
specialMisconceptions about the Wild West
specialMisconceptions about Famous Companies
specialWhy do people have birthmarks? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Animals
specialWhy does sudden exposure to the sun cause sneezing? - Big Questions
specialWhy do we get songs stuck in our heads? - Big Questions
specialDoes cracking your knuckles cause arthritis? - Big Questions
specialHow did eating popcorn become a custom at movie theaters? - Big Questions
specialWhat's the difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving? - Big Questions
specialWhy do babies' eyes change color? - Big Questions
specialWhat causes motion sickness? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Famous Composers
specialWhy does daylight saving time vary by country? - Big Questions
specialWhy is there a joker in playing card decks? - Big Questions
specialWhy is my voice different when I hear a recording? - Big Questions
specialWhy are blueprints blue? - Big Questions
specialWhy does my hair feel dry from chlorine? - Big Questions
specialWhy do my joints hurt more when it rains? - Big Questions
specialWhy do we cry? - Big Questions
specialWhere did we get the name America? - Big Questions
specialCan you be tired from sleeping too much? - Big Questions
specialDoes ginger ale really help with stomach aches? - Big Questions
specialWhy do people and animals tilt their heads when confused? - Big Questions
specialWhy are there silent letters in English words? - Big Questions
specialWhy do bees die after they sting you? - Big Questions
specialWhy does your nose get runny when it's cold? - Big Questions
specialWhy are people ticklish? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Video Games
specialWhy is ginger a palate cleanser? - Big Questions
specialWhy do Americans use Fahrenheit? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions Bloopers
specialWhat did the original colonists sound like? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Popular Stories
specialWhy do we blush when we're embarrassed? - Big Questions
specialDoes hitting the snooze button help? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Harry Potter
specialWhy do you see better when you squint? - Big Questions
specialWhy does 98 degrees feel hot if that's your body temperature? - Big Questions
specialWhy are the numbers on calculators and phones opposite? - Big Questions
specialWhy do things taste bad after you brush your teeth? - feat. The Muppets! - Big Questions
specialWhy doesn't glue stick to the inside of the container? - Big Questions
specialWhy is 301 used in YouTube for view count? - Big Questions
specialWhat makes a permanent marker permanent? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Dinosaurs
specialWhat is the origin of the high five? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Appliances
specialWhy do mosquitoes prefer biting some people to others? - Big Questions
specialWhy do we get dark bags under our eyes? - Big Questions
specialHow does a two-way mirror work? - Big Questions
specialWhy don't humans have a mating season? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions from the Internet
specialWhy does asparagus make your pee smell? - Big Questions
specialDo your organs grow with you? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions from Television
specialWhy is the heart associated with love? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Crime
specialWhy are my ears ringing? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Germs and Hygiene
specialHow far can I see on a clear day? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Getting Sick
specialIs blood ever blue? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Driving
specialWhere did saying a guy was "hot" originate? - Big Questions
specialMisconceptions about Exercise
specialWhat is dirt made out of? - Big Questions
specialWhy do our teeth chatter when we're cold? - Big Questions
specialWhy are butterflies called "butterflies"? - Big Questions
specialWhy do they dye cheese yellow? - Big Questions
specialWhy Does Your Voice Get Higher When You Inhale Helium? - Big Questions
specialWhy Are White Diamonds So Expensive? - Big Questions
specialWhy Don't Spiders Stick to Their Own Web? - Big Questions
specialWhere Did Last Names Come From? - Big Questions
specialIs it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave While it is Cooking? - Big Questions
specialWhy Are Tortoises Slow - Big Questions
specialWhere Does the $ Sign Come From? - Big Questions
specialHow Did April Fools Day Come About? - Big Questions
specialHow Does Deodorant Work? - Big Questions
specialWho Invented the Hot Dog? - Big Questions
specialHow Do They Make Decaf Coffee? - Big Questions
specialHow to Shave with a Straight Razor -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Master Archery -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Break a Board -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Walk on a Tightrope -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Start a Fire Without Matches -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Rip a Phonebook in Half -- Be More Interesting
specialHow to Open Champagne with a Saber -- Be More Interesting
specialA Second Preview of Mental Floss
specialA Preview of Mental Floss
special-Are there good viruses? - Big Questions
special-Quick Questions - Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?
special-Misconceptions about Memory
special-Misconceptions about Beverages
special-Misconceptions about Holidays
special-Misconceptions about Famous Directors
special-Misconceptions about Eyes
special-Misconceptions about the Brain
special-Misconceptions about Pirates
special-Misconceptions about Mythology
special-Misconceptions about Hiccups
special-Misconceptions about the Ocean
special-Misconceptions about Climate Change
special-Misconceptions about Movie Making
special-Misconceptions about Disease
special-Misconceptions about Money
special-Misconceptions about Social Media
special-Misconceptions about Cancer
special-Misconceptions about Space
special-Misconceptions about Things that Kill You
special-Misconceptions about Illegal Drugs
special-Misconceptions about Religions
special-Misconceptions about STIs
special-Bloopers (301 - 317)
special-Misconceptions about the United States
special-Misconceptions Bloopers (12-30)
special-Misconceptions about Weather
special-Misconceptions about Disney
special-Misconceptions about Health Food
special-Misconceptions about English
special-Misconceptions about the Law
special-Misconceptions about Caffeine
special-Misconceptions about History
special-Misconceptions about the Bible
special-Misconceptions about Psychology
special-Misconceptions about Lawns
special-Misconceptions about Makeup
special-Misconceptions about Allergies
special-Misconceptions You Learned in School
special-Misconceptions from the Movies
special-Misconceptions about Technology
special-Misconceptions about Sleep
special-Misconceptions about Pregnancy
special-Misconceptions about Pets
special-Misconceptions about Houses
special-Misconceptions about Food
special-Pork Chop Party Fund
special-Outtakes 3!
special-Behind the Scenes: The Wall of Magic
special-Outtakes 2!