James Ellroy's LA: City of Demons

/19.01.2011/60 мин
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Bestselling author James Ellroy, takes a fresh look at some of Hollywood's most nihilistically notorious crimes from the past to the present in James Ellroy's LA: City of Demons. This new six-part series shamelessly showcases Ellroy's larger-than-life personality and his vivid verbal style as he exhumes, explores and exposes the delicious dirt that cascades behind the silver screen. Ellroy has insidiously instigated himself with law enforcement sources – and he steroid-stamps these stories as only he can. You'll get in-depth interviews with witless witnesses, preening prosecutors, insipid investigators and jaded jurors. Each episode guides viewers through the crevices of crime that demonically define the City of Angels. Fiercely forcing his way into every episode is the animated, proudly profane bull terrier, Barko. This gruff K-9 cop corrupts the corruption-prone Ellroy and gives the audience a putrid peek into his own lurid life, dealing dope and peddling payoffs. Untamed, unfiltered, and narrated by the elephant-ego'd Ellroy himself.

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