Ink Master

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    2012 – ...
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    Соединенные Штаты
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Даты выхода серий

Сезон 12...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
12x16Battle of the Sexes Finale
12x15Step Up or Shut Up
12x14Unfriendly Fire
12x13Moving Pictures
12x12Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is
12x11Roll of the Dice
12x10By Accident or By Design
12x9Drawing Alliances
12x8Pins & No Needles
12x6Art of War
12x5The Art Stands Alone
12x4The Hunter & the Hunted
12x3Down to the Wire
12x2A Storm Is Brewin'
12x1The Ink Will Speak for Itself
Сезон 11...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
11x16Grudge Match Finale
11x15Prelude to a Bloodbath
11x14What Are You Crayon About?
11x13Who's Got the Power?
11x12Too Hot to Handle
11x11In Deep Waters
11x10Put Up or Shut Up
11x9Tipping the Scales
11x8Chalk This Way
11x7No Wasted Space
11x6Fight Your Own Battles
11x5That's Gonna Leave a Mark
11x4No Wrist, No Reward
11x3Right on Target
11x2Not on My Watch
11x1Opening Shots
Сезон 10...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
10x16Return of the Masters Finale
10x15Final Exam
10x14No Stain, No Gain
10x13Monkey See, Monkey Do
10x12Total Meltdown
10x11Quit Buggin' Me
10x10Some Assembly Required
10x9Ink Raider
10x8Pane in the Glass
10x7Eye Of The Tiger
10x6Chin Up
10x5Ink On the Dotted Line
10x4Step It Up
10x3Divine Proportion
10x2Fill’er Up
10x1Pick Your Side
Сезон 9...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
9x16Shop Wars Finale
9x15Marathon to the Finale
9x14Casting the First Stone
9x13Sell Out
9x12Pit Fall
9x11Grim Inker
9x10Drill Baby, Drill
9x9Pin-Up Panic Attack
9x8Masterpiece Mayhem
9x7On the Bubble
9x6Get the Flock Outta Here
9x5War and Ink
9x4Lend Me Your Ear
9x3Unnatural Disasters
9x2Crossing the Line
9x1Fire & Ice
Сезон 8...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
8x16Peck vs. Nunez Live
8x15No One Is Safe
8x14Bio-Mechanical Failure
8x13Heavy Lifting
8x12Road to the Finale
8x11Duck and Cover Up
8x10Like Sand Through the Hour Glass
8x9Head Games
8x8Bent Out of Shape
8x7New School, Old Scars
8x6Sticky Situation
8x5Sparks Fly
8x4Put On Your Armor
8x3Ruffled Feathers
8x2The Game Begins
8x1Weeding Out the Weak
Сезон 7...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
7x13Revenge Live
7x12Turning the Tables
7x11Head in the Game
7x9Sink or Soar
7x8Breathing Fire
7x7Knuckle Sandwich
7x6Under Pressure
7x5New School, Old Artist
7x4The Devil's in the Details
7x3Salt in the Wound
7x2One Man's Trash
Сезон 6...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
6x16Master vs. Apprentice Live
6x15Go Big or Go Home
6x14Active Duty
6x13Player's Choice
6x12Slitting Throats
6x11Hail Mani
6x10Hell on Wheels
6x9Like a Moth to the Flame
6x8Composed and Exposed
6x6Firing Lines
6x5Problem Parts
6x4Tut for Tat
6x3Sink or Swim
6x2Fight or Flight
6x1Meet Your Maker
Сезон 5...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
5x16Ink Live
5x15Fight to the Finale
5x14Firing Squad
5x13Painstaking Portraits
5x12Heads Will Roll
5x11Up in Smoke
5x10Cold Blooded
5x9Virgin Blood
5x8Ink My Oosik
5x7Three's a Crowd
5x6Cheek to Cheek
5x5Glass on Blast
5x4Geishas Gone Wrong
5x3Head to Headache
5x2Pin up Pittfalls
5x1Inking with the Enemy
Сезон 4...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
4x13Ink Master Live
4x12Fight to the Finish
4x11Karma's a Bitch
4x10Tag Team Tatt
4x9Fighting Dirty
4x8Ink Master Explosion
4x7Artist Slaughter
4x62 on 1 Tat-Astrophe
4x5X-Men's Hugh Jackman
4x4Nude & Tattooed
4x3Tatt Ganged
4x2Bug Out
4x1Earn It!
Сезон 3...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
3x13The Epic Finale
3x12Enduring the Pain
3x11Heroes and Heads
3x10Eyes of the Beholder
3x9Skulls and Villains
3x8Baby Don't Go
3x7Monumental Mistakes
3x6Animal Instinct
3x5Baby Beat-Down
3x4Elysium Challenge
3x3Fire and Lace
3x2Thrills for Grills
3x1Baby Got Back
Сезон 2...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
2x13Ink Master Live
2x12The Bigger They Are
2x11Better Than Words?
2x10Blowing Chunks
2x9Buck Off
2x8Holy Ink
2x7Star Wars Forever
2x6Half Naked and Fully Loaded
2x5Trick or Freak
2x4Tattoo Her What?
2x3The 80 Year Old Virgin
2x2Semi Nude 911
2x1Tattooing the Dead
Сезон 1...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
1x7Picture Imperfect
1x6Permanent Mistakes
1x5Game On
1x4Ink Disaster Piece
1x3Pasties and a Cameltoe
1x2Botched Head Tattoo
1x1Fresh Meat
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
specialThe Decision
specialSirens of Ink
specialCupid's Ink
specialMaster vs. Master
specialFirst Look
specialMost Infamous
specialNew Year's Ink
specialMerry Ink
specialMost Controversial: You Choose Live