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Сезон 8...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
8x20Fast Feud
8x19Bad Carma
8x18Irritable Vowel Syndrome
8x17Urine Trouble
8x16Sun-Fan Lotion
8x15The Prize Fighter
8x13Sucks For You
8x12The Show Stopper
8x10Off the Reservation
8x9The Antisocial Network
8x8Cake Loss
8x7The Eggman
8x6The Dumbbell
8x5Blue Man Dupe
8x4Full Mental Jacket
8x3Tipping Point
8x2The Closer
8x1Crash Test Dummies
Сезон 7...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
7x26Staten Island Holiday Spectacular
7x25Pantsing with the Stars
7x24Hell on Wheels
7x23The Bogey Man
7x22Autograph Corrector
7x21Out of Left Field
7x20Hump Day
7x19Dropping Knowledge
7x18Chick Magnet
7x17Like a Boss
7x16To Hatch a Predator
7x15Washed Up
7x14The Needy and the Greedy
7x13The Running of the Bullies
7x12Bull Shiatsu
7x11Cards Against Humanity
7x10Speech Impediment
7x9Pulling the Rug
7x8No Child Left Behind
7x7Lords of the Ring
7x6Turning the Tables
7x5Indecent Proposal
7x3No Good Deed
7x2Guilty as Charged
7x1The Marathon Man
Сезон 6...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
6x14Episode 14
6x13Universal Appeal
6x11Stuffed Turkey
6x10The Butt of the Joker
6x9Drum and Drummer
6x8Medium, Well Done
6x7X Man
6x5Vampire Weakened
6x3The Parent Trap
6x2Lady and the Tramp
6x1Swim Shady
Сезон 5...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
5x26Nitro Circus Spectacular
5x25Training Day
5x24Stage Fright
5x23Spider Man
5x22Ash Clown
5x21Wrapper's Delight
5x20The Chairman
5x19Heckle and Hide
5x18Hitting the Wrong Note
5x17Water Torture
5x16Laundry Day
5x15Virtual Insanity
5x14The Coward
5x12Centaur of Attention
5x11Whose Phone is Ringing?
5x10Dark Side of the Moon
5x9Brother of the Sisterhood
5x8Statue of Limitations
5x7Putting the P in Pool
5x6The Good, the Bad and the Punished
5x5Bidder Loser
5x4Stare Master
5x3Ruffled Feathers
5x2You're Cut Off
Сезон 4...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
4x25The Taunted House
4x24Stripped of Dignity
4x23Hopeless and Changeless
4x22The Big Uneasy
4x21Live Punishment Special
4x19Tied and Feathered
4x18Blind Justice
4x17Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One
4x16Captain Fatbelly
4x15Kill the Centaur
4x14Bathroom Break
4x13Cruisin' For a Bruisin'
4x12Car Sick
4x10Joke & Dagger
4x9The Dream Crusher
4x8Damned If You Do
4x7Deal with the Devils
4x6The Blunder Years
4x5Elevating The Game
4x4Wrong Playwright
4x3Uncool and the Gang
4x2Below the Belt
4x1Welcome to Miami
Сезон 3...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
3x30Just Say No
3x28A Legendary Fail
3x27Parks and Wreck
3x26The Permanent Punishment
3x25In Poor Taste Buds
3x24Up Loser's Creek
3x23The Lost Boy
3x21Tooth & Consequences
3x20Clash of the Jokers
3x19Quantum Mock-anics
3x18Baggage Shame
3x17The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable
3x16Junk in the Trunk
3x15Puncture Perfect
3x14Make Womb for Daddy
3x13Jokers Playhouse
3x12Anniversary Edition
3x11Takes the Cake
3x10Snow Way Out
3x9Bigger in Texas
3x8Inside the Vault
3x5Bonus Footage
3x4Nationals Disaster
3x3Field of Screams
3x2The Great Escape
3x1Look Out Below
Сезон 2...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
2x28Trouble Shoot
2x27Cyber Buddies
2x26All the Wrong Moves
2x25Sorry for Your Loss
2x24Dog Days of Bummer
2x23Enter the Dragons
2x22Everything's Just Rosie
2x21The Alliance
2x20Not Safe for Work
2x19Film Fail
2x18Sweat the Small Things
2x17Human Pinata
2x16Down in the Dump
2x15Joker vs. Joker
2x14Scaredy Cat
2x13Out of Fashion
2x12Love Expert
2x11Get Out of Dodge
2x10The Truth Hurts
2x9Psychotic Not-line
2x8Do Something to My Face
2x7Sound EffeXXX
2x6Birds and the Bees
2x5Strip High Five
2x4The Stoop Sessions Part 2
2x3Art Attack
2x2The Stoop Sessions Part 1
2x1Elephant in the Room
Сезон 1...
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
1x16Pick a Loser
1x15Theater del Absurado
1x14Charity Case
1x12Starfart Macchiato
1x11What Did I Eat?
1x10A Loser Presents
1x9Joker's Choice
1x8Who Arted?
1x7Out of TP
1x6Panty Raid
1x5Drawing a Blank
1x4Boardwalk of Shame
1x3Unmotivational Speaker
1x2Butterfly Crime Scene
1x1Pay It Forward
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НомерДата выходаНазвание эпизода
specialJoker for a Day: Part 2
specialSummer Vacation
specialFantasy Draft
specialHoliday Party
specialHits, Errors & Balls!
specialJoker For a Day
specialSpring Break Countdown
specialNCAA March Madness Breakdown
specialThe Joker Games
specialHumiliation for the Holidays
specialPunishment Countdown
specialCritiquing Q
specialJudging Joe
specialSizing Up Sal
specialThe Murray Jury
specialAfter Party!
specialNCAA March Madness Bracket Attack
specialA Day in the Life
specialFan-tastic Access Presented by Geico
specialOne Night at the Grand
specialBritish Invasion
specialAll Aboard!
specialNCAA March Mardness Showdown
specialImpractical Jokers' Joker Bowl: The Pros Weigh In
specialOne Night Stand Up
specialFAN-Tastic Countdown
specialUnseen Scenes
specialAnatomy of a Challenge
specialFunny 'Cause It Hurts
specialPractically Live!
specialDeleted Scenes
specialHappy Father's Day
specialInside Jokes
special-Damned! The Movie by James Murray