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    В конце XIX века Марилла и Мэтью Касберт, одинокие брат и сестра среднего возраста, решают усыновить мальчика из сиротского приюта, чтобы он стал им помощником на ферме. Но из-за недоразумения под их крышу попадает не мальчик, а девочка-мечтательница одиннадцати лет по имени Энн Ширли.



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3x10The Better Feelings of My Heart
3x9A Dense and Frightful Darkness
3x8Great and Sudden Change
3x7A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good
3x6The Summit of My Desires
3x5I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful
3x4A Hope of Meeting You in Another World
3x3What Can Stop the Determined Heart
3x2There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand
3x1A Secret Which I Desired to Divine
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2x10The Growing Good of the World
2x9What We Have Been Makes Us What We Are
2x8Struggling Against the Perception of Facts
2x7Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper
2x6I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion
2x5The Determining Acts of Her Life
2x4The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope
2x3The True Seeing is Within
2x2Signs are Small Measurable Things, but Interpretations are Illimitable
2x1Youth is the Season of Hope
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1x7Wherever You Are Is My Home
1x6Remorse Is the Poison of Life
1x5Tightly Knotted to a Similar String
1x4An Inward Treasure Born
1x3But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?
1x2I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me
1x1Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny