Три счастливых женщины

Три счастливых женщины

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Milena is a professional psychologist. She gives all her time and energy to her patients, not noticing, that her own family is falling apart. Her husband Nikolay, tired of his wife's inattention and healthy but tasteless food, leaves Milena. He starts a new life and makes his old dream come true - begins to work as a chef in restaurant "Whim". Milena is shocked and confused; she does not understand what happened to Nikolay, and how to live on.Their daughter Polina is obsessed with her university teacher and shamelessly pursues him. She does not notice the nice and talented guy Nikita, who is clearly not indifferent to her and always comes to help. The teacher unexpectedly falls in love with Milena. Not knowing about her daughter's love she uses him to make Nicholay jealous.Milena's mother Nora used to be a famous actress. Now she is playing in the National Theater and suffers the unshared passion for her stage partner Ivan. She does not notice the cloakroom attendant Hera, who had been her fan for years, and took a job in the theatre just to be closer to her. These three unhappy women are going to realize their mistakes and get on the right path to become happy.

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