The Mary Tyler Moore Hour

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  • Статус
  • Год
    1979 – 1979
  • Канал
  • Страна
    Соединенные Штаты
  • Синопсис
    Mary Tyler Moore plays Mary McKinnon, who stars in a variety show. Everyweek she has to deal with her producer, Harry over what to do on that week's episode. Also she has an assistant, Iris who is very neurotic. Kenny is the page who is an idiot. And Mary's maid Ruby is seen. And every week a celebrity appears as a guest on her show.


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1x11Guest Paul Williams
1x10Guest Star Nancy Walker
1x9Guest Star Linda Lavin
1x8Guest Star Hal Linden
1x7Guest Star Ken Howard
1x6Guest Star Johnny Mathis
1x5Guest Star Gene Kelly
1x4Guest Star Dick Van Dyke
1x3Guest Stars Bonnie Franklin and Henny Youngman
1x2Guest Star Beatrice Arthur
1x1Guest Stars Lucille Ball and Mike Douglas